Making sense of it all (Part 11)

The 'Last Pesach'

QUESTION : Don't Christians believe in three gods?

Thank you, Sadie, for asking this question. It's a tough one, but I'll do my best.

Christians don't believe in three gods - just one God, but with three persons. So the obvious question to ask, once we accept the possibility that there may be a Trinity, is why? Why does there need to be three 'aspects' or 'persons'?

We can't answer this, it's a mystery, remember! But perhaps we can look at an illustration, which can also help us to understand the function of the three persons of the Trinity. Let us look at the sun, its power and its light. Just as no-one has seen God the Father, no-one has seen the sun. But we can learn much about the sun by studying the sunlight, just as we can learn much about God the Father by studying Jesus, God the Son, who, in the New Testament, is known as the 'light of the world'.

We see the power of the sun by studying its effects on nature, in providing the energy for life, in the same way, God the Holy Spirit shows us the power of God in action.

So the three persons in the Trinity each have their own nature. God the Father is the closest to the Jewish concept of God, being the creator, the sovereign power behind all.

God the Son is the true title of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Maschiach, the 'Son of God'. This is how Jesus saw himself during his time on earth. He is our Messiah, our saviour, our redeemer. He doesn't earn these titles by his teachings or by the way he lived but through his death and resurrection, as we shall soon see.

Finally, God the Holy Spirit, is God at work on the earth, working through the lives of his people and, in fact, all of creation. We will seen a little later on what this means in a practical way.