Rabbi Jonathan Romain vs Michael Brown • Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Messianic Jew and US radio host Michael Brown debates liberal UK Reform rabbi Jonathan Romain on Jesus, the Bible and whether there are many paths to God.


Oh dear what a terrible 'debate'; if such a term is not a misnomer here. Michael Brown is a very gifted scholar, debater and doer of the word. He will have been terribly disappointed with this. He has written an exhaustive five volume series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus - I have two of the series. There was no debate because the reformed rabbi had not prepared and had little or no knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures. Michael is too much of a gentleman to have said this. How sad that all the rabbi had to offer was nothing more than a secular humanism which profits nothing. I do hope that Romain's view is not representative of reformed Judaism. This low view of Scripture, is also sadly widespread throughout much (but by no means all) of the church and partly responsible for the multitudes on the wide and easy way that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14).