The world may be optimistic, but what does the Spirit say?

Optimism for a new beginning in this New Year was high. But our immediate future is built upon the restraining of Godliness, and the societal respectability of decadence and rebellion. The rebellion is to reject God and His way, to live and achieve in man’s way. There is the rebellion to save and govern our world without God, whilst wilfully displaying a bold independence from God. The decadence is disguised by the so-called new morality.

They should be places where folk can really connect with each other, with God … and with themselves, all within the framework of solid Biblical teaching and an exploration of our Hebraic roots. They should be times where there is space for God to act, where there is freedom to explore, rather than acting as directed. We believe that the newly-launched Foundations Regional conferences can provide such a place. Have a quick read of these testimonies to see what God did at Foundations 7 national conference:

The Foundations vision began in 2012 in mid-winter as an experiment. After six more “experiments” in subsequent years we finally feel that, with Foundations 7 this April, we have “cracked it”. We have arrived at the beginnings of a model for a different kind of Christian conference, one that is informed by Hebraic principles, rather than the rigid structures that have become the norm in the Christian world. Here’s how David Andrew, one of our Bible teachers, explained it:

 This being our third 'Foundations', Agnes and I have been completely won over by the completely 'outside of the box' experience - a feature which has successively developed and improved with each year. Although we are blessed with a great many fine conferences and teachers, it's not normal for Christian gatherings to challenge the stubborn structures of religion that can so easily leave us 'well-taught but still caught' in the sticky webs of western Gentile / Greek religiosity that we have never thought to question because ... we have never thought! Although I'm sure it's not the intention of organisers or speakers or the 'punters', I think that the effect all too often is to provide 'entertainment for the troops' that ensures them a good meal but essentially changes nothing and leaves moribund structures unchallenged. Not so Foundations!

The sad story of the Church’s treatment of God’s chosen people.

The preservation of Israel and the preservation of the Nazarene are one phenomenon.” This line mulled over in my head as I sat in the back seat of our big blue van. The van twisted, turned, and trudged through the hillside as we made our way toward the heartland of Israel. I had just finished reading Sholem Asch’s book One Destiny in which he addresses the unique relationship between Judaism and Christianity, centered on the Messianic hope present in both religions. I could not help but connect the preservation of this beautiful land out my window to the people of Israel. The road directed our path through the many Arab and Israeli villages that live in constant tension. Sadly, most of the world does not see the beautiful surrounding area. Judea and Samaria have been in the news a lot lately as our people have been under threat of stabbing attacks from terrorists. While the threat is real, there is no place on earth that brings more peace to your soul than the land God promised and gave to his people.

By Melanie Phillips, November 10, 2016


It's been an average kind of week for Jews in Britain. Here are a few recent items which you may have read in the Jewish Chronicle.

A speaker at London's School of Oriental and African Studies claimed that Zionists were mobilising subversive power to "outlaw" criticism of their activities, "Zionism was a parallel movement to Nazism" and Zionists "conspired to try and increase antisemitism in order to force Jews to Palestine".

Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire was ordered to compensate a disabled Jewish student for failing to address his complaints about rampant Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing on campus.

He had complained about social media posts written by Sheffield's Palestine Society which included the blood libel that Israel harvests the organs of Palestinians, compared Bethlehem to the Warsaw Ghetto and referred to Zionists as Nazi criminals.

A Facebook group for UK Independence Party supporters suggested there was a Jewish conspiracy behind last week's High Court ruling against the Government over leaving the EU.

In a society determined to accommodate every ‘victim’ group,where is the voice of the church? 

Our purpose is to help you on your journey, particularly if it's a sincere journey into the heart of God and His ways. On our website we are concerned with five main areas; God, Jesus, the Bible, Israel and the Church. To get you started, if you are looking for reading matter to take you deeper, here are some resources that should help.

Our world is a loud and noisy place. Is it possible to find meaning among the chaos?

A terrific row is raging over the Israel government’s policy on access to the Western Wall. Join me as I suggest to Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network that everyone, both orthodox and progressive, has got this issue fundamentally wrong.