By Melanie Phillips, November 10, 2016


It's been an average kind of week for Jews in Britain. Here are a few recent items which you may have read in the Jewish Chronicle.

A speaker at London's School of Oriental and African Studies claimed that Zionists were mobilising subversive power to "outlaw" criticism of their activities, "Zionism was a parallel movement to Nazism" and Zionists "conspired to try and increase antisemitism in order to force Jews to Palestine".

Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire was ordered to compensate a disabled Jewish student for failing to address his complaints about rampant Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing on campus.

He had complained about social media posts written by Sheffield's Palestine Society which included the blood libel that Israel harvests the organs of Palestinians, compared Bethlehem to the Warsaw Ghetto and referred to Zionists as Nazi criminals.

A Facebook group for UK Independence Party supporters suggested there was a Jewish conspiracy behind last week's High Court ruling against the Government over leaving the EU.

In a society determined to accommodate every ‘victim’ group,where is the voice of the church? 

Our purpose is to help you on your journey, particularly if it's a sincere journey into the heart of God and His ways. On our website we are concerned with five main areas; God, Jesus, the Bible, Israel and the Church. To get you started, if you are looking for reading matter to take you deeper, here are some resources that should help.

Our world is a loud and noisy place. Is it possible to find meaning among the chaos?

A terrific row is raging over the Israel government’s policy on access to the Western Wall. Join me as I suggest to Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network that everyone, both orthodox and progressive, has got this issue fundamentally wrong.

It’s not easy following Jesus, yet we have been given all we need to do so

Time was when I was a half decent singer. Fifty years ago, I sang tenor and was fortunate to be part of the Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir. This was a valuable source of relaxation for me because, as Curate of an Anglican Church in Poole, ministry life was pretty hectic!

With this free, original, family resource.



For many, the original Christian meaning of Christmas has been lost among the tinsel, revelry and mammon overkill. What still remains can be tinged by nostalgic ritual or even over-familiarity. Where is the birth of our Messiah among this? Where is the clear image of the miracle of the Incarnation? Is there a way to reclaim the core events and understanding among the noise that surrounds it? Or should we just wipe our hands of it and concede defeat to our secular society, which has hijacked it and converted it into a festival of over-indulgence?

British Jews and many other British nationals were shocked and dismayed with the outcome of last week’s general election in the UK.

Contrary to expectations, Prime Minister Theresa May emerged with a staggering defeat, and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party — which dramatically increased its number of seats in parliament by almost 10% — ran almost neck and neck with the Conservative Party. May is now trying to maintain her minority government by aligning with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

It is a horrifying prospect that Corbyn — a man who has publicly praised Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends;” who attended a ceremony in Tunis commemorating the murderer of Israeli Olympic athletes; who was employed by the state-controlled Iranian TV to present programs; and who tolerated the proliferation of overt antisemitism in his party — nearly became prime minister.

When the unimaginable happens and your world turns upside-down, where can you find certainty?

In the middle of the Eighteenth Century, Lisbon was perhaps the wealthiest city in Europe, the third busiest port in the World and the centre of the mighty Portuguese empire. It was also one of the most “religious” Catholic cities in the World. Its seven hills were replete with churches, chapels and monasteries, dripping with trappings of wealth and prosperity, their altars adorned with gold, silver and precious gems..

(By Theophilus)

The God of Biblical epics now behaves in a more civilised manner,surely?