Could there be a Gentile link between the early Jewish church and the modern messianic movement?


It’s not just Brexit, but with the rise of religious persecution and attacks on our freedoms, we need to respond in prayer and action like never before

MPs voted by a majority of 230 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union that Theresa May had struck with the EU. The defeat on January 15 put Brexit in doubt. However, it could also be seen as strengthening the case for Brexit without a deal.  After all, the majority of UK voters voted for Brexit, with no condition that it should be tied to any deal.

by Steve Maltz (many, many years ago!)

This should take about 20-30 minutes and is suitable for a mixed audience (Jew/Gentile, adults/kids). There's drama, comedy and action.

King Antiochus - complete madman
Herald's assistant (non speaking)
General Al
Soldier (non speaking)
Mattatias (adult) - sensible person
Judas (child) - main speaking part
Simon (child)
Jonathan (child)
Eleazar (child)
John (child)
Jew (with greasy hair)
Appolonius (non speaking)
Greek soldier (non speaking)

Either side of birth, Britain’s children are paying the price of Britain’s godlessness. Watchman reports

A bill to end abortions on the grounds of disability had its second reading in the House of Lords, the Christian Institute reported on 28 October 2016.

The Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill, sponsored by disabled Peer, Lord Kevin Shinkwin, aims to amend the Abortion Act 1967. Lord Shinkwin, who suffers from brittle bone disease, first introduced the Bill in May. The Bill would remove a provision that allows women to have an abortion if there is “substantial risk that if the child was born it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped” .

Satan’s final kingdom will be used to separate the righteous from the wicked. But who are the 144,000 standing with the Lamb on Mount Zion?

This is the seventh article in the series ‘12 Revelations of Jesus Christ’ from the book of Revelation. In the previous instalment we looked at Christ and Israel. He still loves the Jews and will protect those who obey Him in these last days. We also saw how that the martyrs for Christ directly contribute to the downfall of Satan.

It’s the time of reckoning for the kingdom of the world. How does it all unravel?

Babylon the kingdom of this world will fall. It is the beginning of God’s judgment on a sinful world which as persecuted His servants.

In Revelation chapter 14 there are three fnal warnings of coming wrath. First the preaching of the gospel to people. Second the fall of Babylon and fnally the kingdom of the beast. This sets the order of end time events. Therefore when we come to chapters 17 and 18, which cover the fall of Babylon, we are going back in time.

As we approach the end, what is to be our inheritance?

The millennial reign of Christ demonstrates why only those who freely chose to follow and obey Jesus can enter the Eternal City. This article continues the series ‘Revelations of Jesus Christ’ from the book of Revelation.

The final warnings are given to an unrepentant world followed by wrath. When will the wheat and tares be harvested?

Jesus opened His ministry with a quotation from Isaiah. It started with the words “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” and ended with, “to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord” (Luke 4: 18 – 19). The prophecy in Isaiah 61: 2 continues with the words “And the day of vengeance of our God”.

‘Look up’, a time of triumph and celebration is coming. Are you ready?

Babylon the Great, the kingdom of this world, has fallen. How are we to respond to the economic chaos and persecution which follows? Revelation 18: 20 calls on us to rejoice! Those whose treasure is stored in heaven will not have sufered loss. They will rejoice because the kingdom of this world has received its long-deserved judgment.