Some 152,000 Israelis received the coronavirus vaccination on Sunday, including 80,000 who received the second dose, with over 2.1 million Israelis in total receiving the vaccine as of Monday morning, according to Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. Over 300,000 Israelis have received the second dose so far.


Abortion was the biggest cause of death worldwide in 2020 – responsible for more fatalities than cancer, heart disease and coronavirus put together. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 73.3 million abortions take place every year, with almost 30 per cent of pregnancies ending in abortion. The data group Worldometer estimates all other causes of death totalled nearly 59 million last year – meaning abortion is responsible for around 55 per cent of all deaths. By comparison, communicable diseases were estimated to be responsible for 13 million deaths, and cancer for around 8 million worldwide. Coronavirus was reported to be behind more than 1.8 million deaths. WHO estimates approximately 200,000 abortions take place every day – or more than two every second – meaning more than 3 million abortions have already taken place this year. Last year, obtaining an abortion in the UK became easier than ever before, with Westminster politicians imposing a liberal abortion regime on Northern Ireland in March to allow abortion up to twelve weeks for any reason, up to 24 for most reasons, and up to birth if the unborn child is deemed to have a disability.


The sister of a young Christian woman who’s in ICU “fighting for her life” says their family has been spiritually strengthened by the amount of people that are praying for a miracle. Hannah Montagu from Bath suffered a brain haemorrhage on Sunday. She’s in a coma, and her sister Abbie Young said doctors gave her until Tuesday morning to show improvement otherwise they would start end of life care. However, Hannah is showing improvements by moving her arms and legs after having surgery. “We've seen small little movements,” Abbie told Premier. “So they are giving us more time so she can rest and she can fight.” Due to coronavirus restrictions, Hannah’s family haven’t been able to visit her in hospital. Abbie said all they felt they could do was pray and invited people to join in. They’ve been holding praying meetings on Zoom every day at 10am and 8pm and have allowed anyone to join in.