Julia Fisher’s weekly radio broacast

Programme 377: David Ortiz

My guest today is David Ortiz, originally from Puerto Rico, today he is married to Leah and together they pastor a Messianic congregation in Ariel in central Israel, close to the West Bank. Ariel is surrounded by Palestinian villages where the population is entirely Muslim and over the years David has visited many of these villages and distributed Bibles. As a result, there are now many believers in Jesus coming from a Muslim background. I asked David to describe what life is like for them.

Programme 376: Israeli Arab Christian 2 of 2

One of the emerging stories of recent times is about the numbers of Muslims who are becoming believers in Jesus. My guest today, who will remain anonymous, is an Israeli Arab Christian leader who cares deeply that Muslim people should at least hear about Jesus and know the truth about Him. He uses apologetics to engage with Muslim people. ‘So what sort of issues do you raise’ I asked him.

Programme 373: Victor Kalisher 1 of 2

My guest today is Victor Kalisher. We met recently in J’lem where he is the director of Bible Society work in Israel. Victor’s father had survived the holocaust and eventually found his way to Israel. Life was extremely difficult for him but through a series of so called coincidences he came to believe in Jesus as his Messiah. He married and Victor and his brother were born.

Programme 372: Leah Ortiz

Today my guest is Leah Ortiz. She and her husband David live in Ariel, in the heart of Israel on the edge of the West Bank, surrounded by many Palestinian villages. They pastor a Messianic Jewish congregation in Ariel, they work amongst Palestinians, and they help to care for Holocaust survivors, many of whom live in Ariel … as Leah now explains.

Programme 370: Rita

Israel is a wonderful land of surprises – I visit regularly to record these programmes and each time, I’m amazed at the variety of people I meet … and all the stories gathered help to build a picture of what God is doing there in these days, despite the ongoing tensions and political upheaval in the region. Today my guest is Rita and we’re at a home for women who have been trafficked or been victims of abuse. The home, or The Shelter as it is called, is situated in a village in northern Israel.

Programme 369: Rod Powell

Today finds us in Haifa, in northern Israel talking to Rod Powell. He and his Margi were missionaries in Russia for many years and speak Russian fluently. A few years ago, they came to Israel almost by chance and met a prostitute and drug addict called Sveta who was desperate to change her lifestyle. Rod and Margi’s life took a new direction as they took Sveta into their home as he now describes.

Programme 368: Mordechai Wiseman

Whilst in Tiberias recently I came across an organisation called Israel Firstfruits that aims to encourage entrepreneurship amongst believers in the land, for both Jewish believers and Arab Christians. The founder and CEO of Israel Firstfruits is Mordechai Wiseman. He has an interesting story of his own … but first I asked him to explain his vision.