Hashkama: 25th January 2017 : Donald Trump - for such a crime as this

The Trump phenomenon is revealing the cracks and fissures in society in the USA and in much of the world.  Divisions that were already in place have surfaced.  Those that accuse Trump of hatred of women and of sexist rhetoric remained silent while President Bill Clinton was using an office in the White House to firm up his alliance between himself and a Jewish attraction – Monica Lewinsky, the woman he “did not have sexual relations with”.  The American people turned a blind eye to the various indiscretions of President Clinton.  It would appear that in American society,

Hashkama: 21st December 2016: Born for you

The Christmas controversy has begun again during the season of “goodwill to all men”.  Christmas has become something of a Donald Trump in church circles.  The Good News that was proclaimed to the shepherds as they watched their flocks by night turns sour for some.  The time of Jesus’ birth, on the evidence of shepherds watching the flocks, along with other biblical evidences can presumptively be said, not to have been December 25th.  I think most Christians have been aware of that for many years.  We can’t be quite so sure of the exact date that He was b

Hashkama: 7th September 2016: Hope and Reconciliation

It was a beautiful summer’s day and six of us took a few hours out of our busy schedule to enjoy a few hours relaxing together at a country equestrian event.  We sat ourselves down to watch the show-jumping, while others strolled off to the cross-country and dressage events.  It was a day for families and was deceptively normal.  Little did we realise what lay ahead, and the challenges we were to face and deal with, in relationships, and practical challenges of a costly nature.  I wondered as I looked around the crowds of people, how many are aware of God and give thanks