Hashkama – Fighting the wrong Fight

Vicky Beeching is fighting the Church to accept LGBT+.  She should instead be fighting her particular temptation, which is lesbianism.  She is unwilling to change her lifestyle to bring it in line with the teachings of Scripture and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Instead, she wants the Church to deviate from Scripture in order to allow sin to have dominion over it as well as over her.  The Bible is being rewritten so that Romans 6:14 is “Sin shall have dominion over you”.

Hashkama: The Remnant (Part 1)

We all like to think we are part of the remnant, and that those who are in the remnant are safe.  But are we secure in that understanding?  Sometimes in Scripture it looks as though there is a remnant of the remnant.  In the wake of the destruction of the first Temple by the Babylonians, Gedaliah was the leader of an impoverished, downtrodden national remnant.  The army officers came to Gedaliah, a member of a family of scribes, at Mizpah after hearing he had been put in charge by the king of Babylon.  In 2 Kings 25:23-26, Gedaliah had urged the officers with a mess

Hashkama: Doctrinally Fluid Foundation

An elderly neighbour, speaking about the new houses that are being built on what was open land nearby, said to me, “If nothing changed, everything would stay the same.”  A younger man in conversation with me spoke about his father in France.  He explained that he argues with his father telling him that families don’t care about one another now; those days are long gone, he said.  Those days that some might have thought would never end, have come and gone.  There will be an end to this age when all things will be made new.  Indeed, even now for those who are in Chris

Hashkama: Babylon – Past, Present, and Future [Part 2]

Please read: Genesis 11:1-9

A minister from Scotland sometimes challenges and encourages believers to “think outside the box.”  That is what I am seeking to do in these articles, and I hope it will encourage others to do likewise.  Not to stray from Scripture, but to broaden, and hopefully aid us in our attempt to understand better what is in the Scriptures and how it relates to us today.

Hashkama: The Second Advent

The Bible is full of promises and predictions.  We all love the promises and we lean on them as we go through our daily lives.  But I want to look at a few of the predictions.  Better brains than mine say that there are seven hundred and thirty five future predictions in the Bible, of which five hundred and nineteen have already been fulfilled.  That is eighty-one percent have already happened leaving us with nineteen percent still to go.  A lot of that nineteen percent is taken up with what will happen when Jesus returns and there are only twenty more prophecies to