The team have returned after a 15 month absence. This is the second part of a discussion asking the question, What is Hebraic CHurch? Voices are Steve M, Monica M, Jo J, David J, Colin B, Mike K, Kate K, Peter S, Chris P (& Jony M on the mixer).

Steve was the guest of John Pantry on the Inspirational Breakfast show on Tuesday 31st January, to talk about 'Outcast Nation'.

In early May 2009, Steve was interviewed about "How the Church Lost The Way" by John Pantry for his live breakfast phone-in show on Premier Radio. We have the full interview here.

Israel and the Jews special ** NEW ** (MARCH 2009)

(40 minutes)
Featuring renowned commentator and Bible teacher Tony Pearce, this is a wide-ranging discussion on current issues concerning Israel and the Jews. We cover the history of the conflict, the Gaza situation, the Holocaust, Anti-semitism, Replacement Theology, Jewish unbelief and prophecy and End Times and much more.

The Saffron Planet team discussed what happened at the Foundations 7 conference held on April 2016 at Quinta conference centre.  (The team were: Steve Maltz, Jo Jones, Peter Sammons, Danny McIlnery and Monica Maltz).

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(20 minutes)

Adam asks how we read the Bible, in particular how we can visualise some of the people and events. This took us to TV and movie depictions. We finish by talking about celebrity atheists, anti-Semites and Jews!

(Steve Maltz, Monica Maltz, Howard Werth, Louie Werth, Mike Keane, Kate Keane, Adam Brennan)

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(16 minutes)

Israel - you either hate it or love it. We talk about the former as expressed at St James Church at Christmas time and the latter, as expressed by the Church at Stirling last autumn.

(Steve Maltz, Monica Maltz, Jo Jones, Peter Sammons)

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The Saffron Studio

SESSION RECORDED July 2014 - PART 2 (35 minutes)
An honest and far-reaching chat on the current Middle East conflict. Sometimes we need to look behind the headlines ...

(Steve Maltz, Monica Maltz, Jony Maltz, Jo Jones, David Jones)

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Word of Faith special (FEBRUARY 2010)

(33 minutes)
In this first part of three on the Faith and Prosperity teachers, we are privileged to be joined by Justin Peters, arguably the greatest authority on such shenanigans. In this episode we name the usual suspects. Who do we name and shame ... ?


Uploaded on 20 Mar 2010
What effect does Word of Faith have on ordinary Christians? What's the story with Morris Cerullo and Jim Bakker? Answering these questions and more, with Justin Peters, celebrated international discernment teacher.

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Published on 24 Dec 2013
Here's a snapshot of what happened at our Foundations 4 conference, held at Quinta Christian conference centre in September 23rd-27th 2013. For more information go to

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