Event at the Crabshell

Let us come together then, for fellowship, to worship God in song and in the study of his Word, so we are not deceived into making up our own righteousness!

The subject this time is, surprise, surprise, "Messiah, the Word of God!

We'll be looking at how Jesus handled his own Word in various instances such as his own temptations, the encounter with the rich young ruler and the woman caught in adultery.

He is our model, after all.

Jon Cluett

Jon is the Pastor of The Church at Stirling, in central Scotland. He came to faith at a young age and moved to Stirling in 1998 to study Environmental Science at the University of Stirling (BSc, PhD). During his study he became aware of the influence of the Greek mind-set on the interpretation of scripture and its influence and dangers such as in Replacement Theology, and he was forced to re-evaluate many of his theological positions.

The Joseph Storehouse Trust

The Joseph Storehouse, founded by Barry & Batya Segal, is dedicated to the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.

Through various humanitarian aid projects, The Joseph Storehouse, an international non-profit organisation, provides much needed help to the poor and needy, both Jew and Arab, in the Land of Israel.

The Jacob Plan

The Jacob Plan is a ministry arm of The Church at Stirling that resources the wider body by teaching on the importance of the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, talked as a Jew and worshipped as a Jew, so to best understand Him and His teachings we need to approach Him from a Hebraic perspective. It is to this root, the Hebraic root, which the Church is grafted in to (Romans 11:17-24).

The Land Well Loved

Tour Israel in the comfort of your sitting room! Rich Bible exposition given in the places where biblical events took place. Spectacular scenery – inspirational teaching – rich in Hebrew background. Five DVDs ideal for personal encouragement and also for group home meetings. Each location has its own Track and the whole series lasts for nine hours. Five DVDs for only £30.

The Shekinah Legacy

The Shekinah Legacy was established in 2009 in recognition of the deep debt owed by Christians to the Jewish people.

Out of a heartfelt desire to put this gratitude into action, the Trust seeks to support ministries that not only demonstrate in practical ways the love of Jesus the Jewish Messiah for His people, but also support those who are trying to serve the Church through providing teaching resources that encourage Christians to discover the Jewish roots of their faith.