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Published on Oct 6, 2014
Dr. Erez Soref of ONE FOR ISRAEL ministry in Israel explains what does it mean "to the Jew first" (Romans 1:16). A life changing sermon every Christian MUST watch! Become ONE FOR ISRAEL at: http://www.oneforisrael.org
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He was interviewed by John Pantry about his new book, "Hope">

WE ARE AT EXCEL, 17th - 20th MAY

Steve will be exhibiting at Stand T12 and also speaking on "Hebraic Church - a new way?" on the Tuesday at 3pm and Wednesday at 4pm.. Get your complimentary ticket to CRE International 2016


Verses for Thu 28th Apr
2Samuel 6:12-23
David brings the Ark to Jerusalem
1Chronicles 16:1-3
David blesses the people
1Chronicles 16:4-43
David establishes the worship of the Lord; his psalm of thanks
1Chronicles 6:31-53
The Levites and the High Priests up to Solomon's time
Psalm 96:1-13
Part of David's psalm of thanks
This Chronological Bible reading plan is published courtesy of David Serle

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Steve speaks on "Hebraic Church" on the 18th March 2016 at the Tree of Life fellowship.

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It is really hard to know where to start. Could it be that night in a Premier Inn over a year ago when the words Hebraic Church came to me as part of a divine download? Or the time since then, wrestling with this concept despite the opposition and misunderstandings, trying to figure out what these words meant? Or was it when 100+ folk experienced them in action in a tiny corner of England last week?

My greatest fear in the weeks before was the weather, we really needed the Wednesday, Hebraic Church day, to be rain free, as most activities were to be outside. God truly blessed us with beautiful weather with wonderful sunshine throughout Wednesday, in fact an open heaven in all senses of the words.

They came from far and wide, from Dublin to Aberdeen, South Devon to the Kent coast. A (mostly) grey army of intrepid souls, particularly the 40% who, being Foundations newbies, weren’t quite sure what they were letting themselves in for. To be honest, none of us were really sure ...

To read a report of what happened at Foundations 7

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Sible Hedingham

Area Teaching meeting, Sible Hedingham “Acts” 6.30pm

Hebraic Church? Now there’s a phrase designed to upset or confuse just about everyone. Yet being Hebraic is not what many in the Church imagines it to be. In fact it could be nothing less than the key for true restoration and revival.

It is the author’s opinion that the failure of recent Church initiatives to get ‘back to basics’ is because doing things differently can’t be sustained unless there is a corresponding move to think differently. There’s no way we can take a Hebraic model (the early Church) and get it to work in a 21st century culture where the Greek model still reigns supreme.

With his customary humour, pacey style and shrewd insights, Steve Maltz examines seven areas where the Church has gone askew and suggests practical solutions to re-align the Church with the ‘original model’.

Steve will be at stand T12 at Excel in May. He is also speaking on Hebraic Church at two seminars, at 3pm on Tuesday (room SG26) and at 4pm on Wednesday (Bookfair)

This book is available for £10 from here.

Episode four of The Not So Dissident Future Podcast w/ Andy & Mel: Discover how Plato and Aristotle’s teachings took us away from the way the Apostles and the first century Church handled the Bible. Today we talk with Steve Maltz author of “How The Church Lost The Truth And How It Can Find It Again”. We discuss how to get away from our overly Greek perspective and get back to the Hebrew understanding and context of our Bible without overcooking it and falling into the opposite error of getting into Torah observance


Peter Sammons has written a very good discussion paper on how we should define what Hebraic Church is. It is well worth a download. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT. Perhaps we can chat about this in a forthcoming live show on Foundations Radio?



Steve has been doing these since 2000, then stopped ... and has now restarted. Sign up now for just £10 for an unforgettable 4 hour stroll through Jewish London, with much to learn about the history and culture of the Jews. First come first served ... limited to 20 people so book now. More information here.


In an age of competing voices and growing awareness of the Hebraic roots it is now necessary to be absolutely clear what we stand for. We have one abiding ministry aim and that is to glorify God by introducing the wider Church to the Hebraic roots that has been lost to it for centuries and to address the reasons for this historical neglect.
To do this we must be relevant and uncompromising in order to communicate effectively to an audience that is, by default, suspicious of our motives. This suspicion has two elements. The first is the historical situation best illustrated by the following sentiment – what gives us the authority to query the teachings and attitudes of our leaders and theologians, particularly those who came before us in the past? The second is a fear, sadly fed by some existing Hebrew Roots teaching, that embracing one’s Hebrew Roots is somehow locking us into a legalistic system, perhaps even sucking us into a form of Judaism.
The truth is that the Church has historically had an awful record of antagonism towards the Jews, resulting in a rejection of anything deemed Jewish and swapping the mindset of Jesus with a pagan one fed from Greek philosophy. Also, many Hebrew Roots teachers have failed to pick up on the liberating truths of the restoration of this mindset and, instead, have dwelt on externalities of traditions and rituals. This has given a false picture of what God has really intended for His Church, with respect to the One New Man of Ephesians 2.
We at Saltshakers are attempting to create a balance that we call Hebraic Church. It is a reclamation of the true Hebrew roots of the faith, as driven by the mindset of Jesus and the early believers. But, also, it doesn’t reject Gentile elements for the purposes of instructing the Church without antagonising it, illustrating restored truths without dwelling on wrong teachings and attitudes. It’s about presenting a fresh slate, quarried from a deep pool, but also trimming away some grime that has been picked up on the way.
For instance we have no problems with the name of Jesus, though we would probably prefer the more authentic name, Yeshua. Also, we are aware of the pagan derivations of Easter and Christmas but would not condemn those who partake in these festivals with a pure heart. The purpose of marketing our booklets with the name of “The Christmas Telling” and “The Easter Telling” is simply one of communication to our target audience. It is no different to Peter’s different approach to the way he presented his message to the Jews (Acts 2:14-36) and the Gentiles (Acts 10:34-43). It’s about connecting with your audience without diluting the truth.
It is all about communication. If it is our mandate to instruct the Church to embrace its Hebraic roots then our attitude and use of terminology is important, particularly in our current age of information overload, where misunderstandings abound. We need to embrace our Christian brothers and sisters in love and help them to move beyond the mistakes of the past and the confusions of the present and walk in the real blessings and liberating truth that come from the Hebraic foundations of their faith.
The Saltshakers team


In April/May 2016 Prophecy Today is featuring a series of features/reviews.

How the Church Lost the Way (review)

How the Church Lost the Truth (review)

The international Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer has revealed the extent of abuse she suffered at the hands of her father growing up. In a special video released on her website, she spoke about how she tried to come to terms with what had been done to her. Joyce Meyer said she had been raped more than 200 times and that her father abused her at least once a week, and that he also abused her classmates and neighbours as well. He also forced Mrs Meyer to look at pornography. While the 72-year-old had previously publicly admitted she was abused as a child, the extent of her abuse was unknown publicly until now.


Hebraic Study Of The Synoptic Gospels

Click on the image above for a veritable treasure chest of resources that will take you into the Hebraic understanding of the Gospels. Highly recommended.