Au Revoir Ginnie

Due to the numbers expected to join us, this gathering will now be on YouTube. Zoom will only be used to provide a ‘virtual broadcast studio’ for the contributors in the programme. We have a lot to fit in to even begin to honour Ginnie’s multi-facted life, so we will need to keep to the programme. Unusually for us, there will not be the opportunity for everyone joining us to contribute. However, the livestream will, I believe,provide an on-screen facility to type in your own words of thanks or praise for the other viewers to see whilst on air. If you do add any comments, Please be aware that not everyone joining us will be believers in Yeshua – including members of the Jewish community so please avoid typing in trigger words like evangelist and mission – there are other ways to say the same thing! Share your thanks to God for Ginnie.



  • Thanking God for the example she has been to me personally . A woman of courage, wisdom, selflessness, faith and unshakable devotion to her her God and King .

  • Keith & Nancy Smaldon

    Giving thanks for Ginnies life. A lovely lady of faith . She encouraged us in Hebraic dance at the “Foundations Conferences” with joy and enthusiasm. Also at Emmanuel Centre London for the various conferences. Miss her already. May her memory be a blessing.

  • Thank you for allowing this wonderful oportunity to grieve, give thanks and celebrate the life of such a wonderful person. I only met Ginnie on line at the receint conference. I had to email her for I knew she was very ill yet at certain point she had to get up and dance and i knew it was at great cost but deemed worth it by her to just worship her Lord. I look forward to hearing more of her life that must have touched many. Praying for her family and friends. Hugs. Babs

  • Ginnie was a great inspiration and her dancing demonstrated both beauty and power. Alev ha Shalom.

  • A lovely celebration. Thank you. Peter & Joyce.

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