Hashkama: Authority under fire

Night is coming, when no one can work

I received three messages from three different friends this weekend; two of them sharing insights concerning this nation. The third wrote that “Great Britain is no longer a country I recognise.” I have shared the contents of the first two messages with other friends and contacts. Both agree that human sin is the root cause of the problems and unrest in our nation, and that the human remedies being suggested will not change anything for the better. I would suggest further that the spirit of lawlessness is at work throughout this nation and world (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

There was no outrage when the “Angel of Death”, an NHS nurse, Beverley Allitt, was busy killing off her patients in Feb-April 1991. Another nurse, who killed thirty-eight of her patients with lethal injections, Daniela Poggiali of Italy, then took photos of herself with the corpses of her victims, caused little interest and no outrage. Neither has the many other murders by females. The case of Lucy Letby, an NHS nurse who is alleged to have killed five baby boys and five baby girls is to be heard on January 11th, 2022. There hasn’t been a demand to condemn or to organise a vendetta against all NHS nurses, in fact we spent much of the last year clapping and applauding the NHS.

There has been little reaction to the 450 lives said to have been cut short after being given opiates. “Dr Opiate” Jane Barton was held responsible for policies which led to the deaths. It is said that probably two-hundred other people were given opiates between 1989 and 2000. Police are examining 15,000 death certificates, and reviewing millions of pages of documents and seven hundred patient’s records, at the scandal hit “Dr Opiate” hospital (Gosport War Memorial Hospital) where up to 650 patients fed powerful painkillers died early. It is said there was “a disregard for human life and a culture of shortening lives of a large number of patients” at the hospital. It appears some at least were administered opiates without medical justification. Again, there are no demands or demonstrations throughout the country.

There was a relatively quiet reaction to a young Chinese girl’s recent murder. Wenjing Lin lived a studious life in Treorchy, South Wales; she was only sixteen-years-of-age. A thirty-one-year-old man has been charged with her murder that took place, not in the dark and not miles from her home, but after an incident in her family’s Chinese restaurant. Why then has the appalling murder of a young woman, Sarah Everard, caused such an outrage? One columnist argues that her death has been hijacked by men-haters. There is some truth in this, but it is not the whole truth, and it isn’t just women that are calling for measures that will adversely affect the freedoms of society. Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford is considering a male curfew in parts of Wales. The man suspected of murdering Sarah Everard is a Metropolitan police officer named Wayne Couzens. At the same time as his arrest, a woman was also arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender, but we are not told very much about her. As a friend suggested, there is a wider agenda involved in the widespread, almost fanatical reaction to the murder. The death of George Floyd in the USA was highjacked in the same way, by the Woke-folk to aid their agenda in turning America into a nation of Godless pimps and wimps. This present move in the UK has little to do with justice or making Britain safe. It has everything to do with suppressing the authority of the police, much the same as BLM. It involves and includes “the dismantling of all authoritarian structures for wider anarchy.”

Meghan’s Mission

As I see it, another attack on authority and on the foundations of our nation is that by Meghan, wife of Harry. Markus Anderson introduced or set-up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry; they met through him. I wrote in the past how she worked for the UN, and, in my opinion, her purpose in marrying into the Royal Family is to destroy the Monarchy. She is an actress with the lead role, acting out her part on the world stage, for the good of humankind… well, for the Woke agenda at least. Her attack is to bring down the monarchy and to aid the collapse of Great Britain. She seeks to cancel our culture so that Woke has full control. Meghan has aligned herself with those that want to destroy this nation. God has allowed this because of Britain’s Godlessness, even those among the leadership in the Church itself are Godless. They are a law unto themselves having abandoned God and His word…. including those that speak so eloquently about the love of God. Instead of giving the word of God to those living comfortably in their sin, they give them jobs to do, to build their ministry, a work that the Spirit of God will blow away with the breath of His mouth. In such an unspiritual climate, how then will the Prime Minister, or any other minister, take God seriously if those who claim to be His people dishonour Him? Great Britain is under intense physical and spiritual attack. Does anybody even care? We are where we are, not because of men; not even because of women, but because we are a Godless nation. God is not on our agenda, except to put Him out of our lives. We voted into office a Godless Prime Minister living in adultery believing that, because we, the British society don’t care, God doesn’t care either – I am talking about the Christians in British society now. We cannot expect Godly legislation and Godly laws to be passed by Godless politicians and those whose basic morality is questionable, to say the least. There is no prophetic voice in the land to guide them and to steer them in the right direction. Our standards are diabolically low. We live as though there is no God except for the one in our imaginations who approves of everything we think and do. We are as dark as the world, how on earth can we shine as a light on this dark island hill?

Family Court

I am accused of being interested in sexual issues when writing about divorce and remarriage; is that because the church is replete with it? One minister standing up for divorce and remarriage said that, one of his churches was full of divorced and remarried people. He was on a TV show to answer questions on the bible. When questioned about divorce and remarriage he said that, God approves of divorce because God divorced Israel – that is called eisegesis as opposed to exegesis. No-one has complained when I write about another topic, one that I have mentioned much more – that is Global Warming/Climate Change. This issue has been hijacked just as the recent kidnap and murder of a young woman has, and it is for a similar reason. It is not just the suppression of human authority, but the authority of God Himself. Reading through Revelation I would say we are going to move from man’s fake climate change, to God-made climate change. He is going to give us what we want. All of these situations are about God’s authority. Another issue that I mention without any vocalised criticism is that of injustice, particularly in the Family Court system. This system again is against authority, the authority invested in fathers. Barristers and solicitors will tell you that the Family Court almost always gives the mother the custody of the children. The Family Court and its Woke sidekick Cafcass have been anti-men long before the lynch mobs of today. They were Woke long before Woke became fashionable. The Family Court is an authority demeaning the authority of fathers.

There is a new move against violence, but only violence from men. I have given some examples at how proficient women can be at murder… it is not just a male thing. As usual, we are not being presented with a balanced argument. Violence can come from women, physical and psychological, and, generally speaking, they get away with it. Here are a few examples of men that have suffered under the Family Court system:

contact problems & suicidal ideation

• Having my children taken away from me. I was very close to my sons. Then having 42 allegations against me just so that she could get legal aid. Suicide seemed the best option. Twice I tried to hang myself and once I stood on a railway track. The Samaritans talked me off the track.

• I feel like ending it all sometimes because the system of the family court, cafcass and others help the mother behave appallingly and do not intervene when she is trying to stop me from seeing the children. It’s a tragedy that I am being exploited and controlled by my ex telling me when I can have the children etc otherwise she’ll stop contact. I can’t take it anymore.

• its been about 6 years now since seeing her every night I wake up thinking about her. I cannot sleep I have sat in my car many a time wanted to end it all. I take things out on my wife I have to go to work but when I am home spend a lot of time on my own up all night. When in work I put on a face they don’t know the half of it

• I attempted suicide ten years ago when my ex wife told me if I didn’t hand the house over to her she would tell enough lies to ensure I never saw my children again


• I never stop thinking about taking my own life. There is NO help available. I just want to share my daughters lives, that’s all. I don’t want to be told I’m depressed etc etc. I know that. My life has become totally impossible. I never did anything wrong. I have lost my entire family who have chosen to believe my Ex’s lies and my children’s not wishing to see me being my own fault. I am completely alone, and will almost certainly kill myself at some point; which, as all the mental Health specialists acknowledge, would be a perfectly rational and reasonable thing to do. Its only about….when?


One could look at the Church in the West and come to the conclusion that the glory has departed. In Ezekiel’s time, the glory had departed before the Temple was destroyed. The glory departed from the Church in the West before the churches were closed down in “Lockdown”, and Christians were exiled to their homes. Time has moved on and the world is paving the way for the Antichrist to appear. The people of God need to return to the Lord. There is no-one else that will help us in the approaching persecution, and in the tribulation, that contrary to popular interpretation and belief, the Church will pass through. We prepare by living Godly lives before the Lord. Church leader Steve Chalke has already warned us that we will suffer persecution if we don’t do as he has done, and accept every God-damned perversion that human kind partakes in as God blessed and God given. That is Godless living, the exact opposite to what God calls us to and what Jesus died to bring us to. Chalke appears to count his own glory before men to be more important than living for the Glory of God. His warning will come true. Christian leaders who stay true to God’s word will be taken to court. Christians that remain true to their Lord and to His word will suffer at the hands of ungodly men, but the warning is delivered by a false spirit of prophecy. This false spirit is laying down the red carpet (the lives and blood of the saints) in preparation for the Antichrist to walk over.

During the first six years of Ezekiel’s prophecy, from the time he begins his prophesy until the Destruction of the Temple, there is no call to the nation as a whole to mend their ways and to repent. However, there is attention to individual repentance (Ezekiel Ch’s 3; 14; 18; 33). The night is coming, when no man can work and preaching Christ will be closed down. Therefore, I will end with a quote from a friend’s letter to his MP. “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon” (Isaiah 55:6-7).

Blessings and shalom

Malcolm [16.03.2021]

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  • Excellent article.
    So glad the ‘knowledge’ is in print.
    Interestingly, the comments regarding Meghan Markle ( and really the whole revelations about Britain) have been ‘revealed’ here.

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