The Passover Lamb

by Jane Woodford

>>> V.1. All we like sheep have gone astray,
>>> We’ve turned, each one, to our own way,
>>> And yet the Lord has laid on Him
>>> Our iniquity.
>>> He was rejected, He was bruised,
>>> He was crushed, pierced and abused,
>>> Because the Lord has laid on Him
>>> Our iniquity.
>>> Ch.1. The Passover Lamb is slain for the sheep,
>>> Who wandered away, their own pleasure to seek,
>>> The Passover Lamb on the altar is laid,
>>> For our iniquity.
>>> The Passover Lamb, that offering so pure,
>>> His blood that was shed, to make us new
>>> Brings life from the dead, because He died
>>> For our iniquity.
>>> V2. And now as His people come to the Feast,
>>> In days of restriction, in times of fear,
>>> O, Passover Lamb, may You be revealed
>>> To Your firstborn.
>>> As they tell the story again,
>>> Of the great deliverance You won:
>>> The Passover Lamb, who broke the chains
>>> Of their captivity.
>>> Ch. 2. The Passover lamb whose blood was spread,
>>> Over the lintels so the angel of death,
>>> Would pass over them and they’d be released
>>> Into freedom.
>>> The Passover Lamb who made the way,
>>> To rescue the captives from their lives as slaves,
>>> The Passover Lamb is the One who saves,
>>> Into freedom.
>>> V.3. The Passover Lamb is calling sheep home,
>>> Into the safety of the Shepherd’s fold.
>>> It’s time to turn, to leave your own way
>>> And to follow.
>>> The Passover Lamb whistles for His own,
>>> “Come, my chosen ones, come home.
>>> The price has been paid, the way has been made,
>>> Come and follow.”
>>> Ch.3. The Passover Lamb is now on the throne,
>>> Worshipped and adored by heavenly hosts,
>>> The elders bow down to the One who was slain,
>>> Crying, “Holy, holy, holy”.
>>> The Passover Lamb who sits enthroned,
>>> Is the only One who can open the scrolls,
>>> For only He has been found to be
>>> worthy.
>>> ©Jane Woodford 07/04/2020

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