Foundations 14

When Christians disagree: October 2020: ZOOM

INTRODUCTION: Why we believe that this series of audios can change your life.

SESSION 1: Steve introduces the conference, followed by a question posed by Barry, considered by all and discussed by “sages”, then David A gives the introductory talk

SESSION 2: Barry on Pride and judging others with Paul. Dealing with unforgiveness.

SESSION 3: Christine on the effects that bad experiences have on your life and how you can find victory. 

SESSION 4: Paul and David S discuss ‘hills to die on” then David S on the importance of doctrines

SESSION 5: Steve explores the prejudices that can block our relationships. He interviews Colin an ex-gay believer and also speaks of unconscious antisemitism and casual indifference.

SESSION 6: Nigel introduces true shalom and unity. Jose shows us unity through the Gospel message. Then Nigel and Kit ask, ‘what to do about offence’?

SESSION 7: Barry and the team discuss humility

SESSION 8: Christine examines apathy and, with the help of the break-out groups, investigates how zeal is the antidote. 

SESSION 9: Barry and Paul in conversation about the role of the teacher and the dangers of ‘theologies’

SESSION 10: Kit leads us into worship through prayer, silence, Bible readings, words, testimonies and song.

WORKSHOP VIDEO: Joy introduces us to her Teddy Bear Bath choir

SESSION 11: Barry and Nigel in conversation over getting the right balance between truth and love but also contrasting the fear of the Lord with the fear of man

WORKSHOP VIDEO Colin runs a Basic Hebrew workshop (this is part 2 – part 1 wasn’t recorded unfortunately)

WORKSHOP: Diane and John (and Jo) run a session of creative worship

SESSION 12: Paul, aided by Kit and Nigel and special guest Randall Hardy looks at conflict resolution and the need for vulnerability in dealing with such matters

SESSION 13: Christine coaxes a variety of testimonies from the delegates

SESSION 14: Steve summarises the conference and asks, ‘what next? …

WORKSHOP VIDEO Ginnie introduces the “Secret garden” dance workshop

WORKSHOP VIDEO Rosie(and John) introduces the Prophetic art produced at her workshop

WORKSHOP VIDEO Rosie talks us through the timeline of art produced by delegates through the conference

ESSION 15: Bill leads us into communion then Nigel and Christine lead the final session of testimonies as a result of the conference