What’s Foundations?

These are Christian conferences like no other Christian conferences. Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • All teaching is relevant to the needs of the delegates
  • Everything isn’t just about teaching
  • Giving glory to God is the highest calling
  • Space is given to digest and act on the Word
  • Different styles of worship are offered
  • Worship isn’t just about singing songs
  • Dance as worship is taught
  • Everyone is encouraged, but not compelled, to share
  • Space is given for personal confession and reflection
  • Workshops are provided to stretch you in interesting ways
  • Freedom is given to plot your own path
  • The Bible is held to the highest esteem
  • Word and Spirit are given equal license
  • Networks are forged and encouraged
  • The roots of Christianity are explored
  • Everyone is free to be themselves
  • You are free to do everything, or nothing
  • No egos, big names or circuit speakers
  • The programme is flexible enough for changes
  • Skills and talents are encouraged
  • Loads of testimonies are available of changed live

AND … in these changing times

  • Proactively uses virtual technology
  • Is EVEN better when we are on-line
  • Makes use of the ZOOM environment like no other conference
  • Demonstrates that true fellowship is possible without physical proximity