What’s Saffron Planet?

Although Saffron Planet has re-emerged as a ZOOM discussion platform, its first incarnation was in 2005 …

Imagine you were in a restaurant and the people at the next table are immersed in lively repartee, at a volume sufficient to draw you in. Soon you are engaged and, although you are not an active part of the conversation, you feel that you are. This same scene could be acted out anywhere there are people gathered together in a public place.

This is the idea behind SAFFRON PLANET. It’s a group of Christian friends of all ages who have been meeting together since 2005 around an oak table chatting about what we feel is important.


Saffron Planet was “Highly Commended” at the Christian Broadcasting Council (CBC) 2008 award ceremony in the Christian website /podcast category!

Saffron Planet was voted ‘People’s Choice’ – the UK’s favourite Christian website in 2008.


Partially what the Net’s for – jumping on the soap box and giving it some. This takes effort … Raw, opinionated and interesting at times … Saffron Planet has a decent amount of content and I can see it surviving where many others have fallen. It has its place and deserves credit. (Christian Broadcasting Council)

Saffron is unique as it is faithful to the word and is a laugh as well. I feel I almost know you all ! … Just to congratulate you on the website , its a rare thing to achieve being sound doctrinely and cool at the same time! … Great stuff guys … Love in him and best wishes to all at Saffron – will listen in to the daily word. Brightens my day to have Christian contact – I like your very normal, down to earth and real approach … I bookmarked your site, need to make it my home page … the young ones need folk with an ‘edge’ …