Foundations 13 : Reviews, responses and testimonies

“F13 exceeded my expectations!  Such a blessing to meet believers with a Hebrew (biblical) heart. I thank the LORD for pouring out His Holy Oil on us so graciously! It is said that if you lose one of your senses, all of the others tend to get stronger.  I think that happened at Foundations 13. Even though, this was a virtual experience, I truly felt as if we were connected in a special way by our spirits, in the LORD’s Spirit. I think not being “physically” together, increased the sense of the spirits’/Spirit’s reality. It was a unique and very meaningful experience “visiting” England, Scotland and Ireland, through conversations during the fellowships and workshops.  I hope to one day be able to physically travel these beautiful lands. Several years ago, in my search for Biblical faith (through the eyes of Yeshua, instead of the institutional Church), I was so delighted to discovered Saltshakers website.  “Finally”, I thought, “there are people out there who seek and understand the Hebraic mindset when reading the Scriptures and living it.  Even though Foundations 13 is the first conference I have had the privilege in which to participate, I have listened to all of the previous audios of the Foundations conferences, and I believe, this one did reach a whole new level of unity and restoration for the Body of Yeshua, and hopefully, for our world. Thanks to all of you who made the Foundations 13 possible! Isn’t it wonderful how the LORD used an adverse, global situation to our spiritual benefit!   I look forward to the many new things that will flow from His Oil Reservoir as a result! Shalom y’all and be encouraged“ (B. D.)

I managed to hack in once and what I heard on sabbath was the best teaching I have ever heard on the matter – again – brilliant! Plus it was so lovely to skim through and see people’s faces. Real treat. (J. J.)

Dear Steve and Monica, I am just welling over with tears at the moment,diabetics can get weepy for no reason or many reasons or something specific,and I have to have time to  discern and then reflect on the nature of the spiritual tears.It broke through while watching the dance worship which I had finally been involved with,after many injuries and medical setbacks over the time I have been involved with Saltshakers , and resistance and lack of support from my lovely family,and a doubt that what you are doing at Foundations is genuine,as fellowships have brought a lot of pain and rejection at times.Having this  whole army of angel voices speaking through frail humans was so totally unexpected,as one voice, but also as many voices in unity and right in the  midst in our household or at least upstairs in my tiny prayer workshop.I had been feeling so alone ,and also hopelessly inadequate at to how my IPad and my feeble skills would work together,but apart from my resisting speaking through fear of shutting the whole thing down by pressing the wrong button,the reception and and quality of the technology was quite phenomenal.I can’t thank you ALL enough for drawing me closer and closer to Yeshua in worship,quite a new experience for me ,which surprised me,as Elohim dealt with all the things on His agenda in this quiet cave of listening.It was a priveledge to see and hear you in a natural setting as I had of lot of misconceptions on how perfect the team seemed  in conferences to me,and how I couldn’t quite grasp practically the actual working out of Hebraic mindset.Thanks to Monica for her inspired clay modelling,it certainly is a much used theme in the Bible with the dust, earth, pottery, lights, broken jars,but I have never witnessed prayer over it before.I shall certainly look forward to remembering all the worshipful activities, teachings, confessions, out pouring, reconciliation and restoration promises and many others, that were continuous themes that wove in and out like Kaiaras twisted candle and Rosies intertwining strands of hair and vine shoots This was very much a whole experience, very intimate, very personal, sometimes a bit overwhelming so I hid my tears in embarrassment. Last thing, Mike joined me for Barry’s session but has been quiet about his reaction, he liked listening to him at Sidmouth. He also likes David Andrew, must be the Celtic blood, I have yet to tell him that David thanks a Catholic, ie Martin Luther for bringing him to the Lord!I would love to see Mike join with me online for the next Foundations, but this will be Gods will so I leave it with him. Hope you enjoy your first hot shower tomorrow and praying that all systems are working without hassle, Blessed Be The Name of The Lord, (O. Q)

The conference was wonderful, Going forward,  I must invest in a laptop, as I only have a small smartphone at present and it served me well, but I had to sit right on top of it to both see and hear ( it’s my age ) You have a great team around you and they made everything run so smoothly , they are a credit . Please tell Monica,  I made my little dishes from salt dough but unfortunately they both broke under my not so gentle hand trying to prise them off my chosen moulds ha ha , but I will try and try again. Once again, Thank you so much  (R. H.)

Thank you for an amazing Conference… worked!    [I was one of the ones who could not have come physically, so it was a double blessing]. I particularly likes the interaction, almost as if we were there, with each other and speakers/leaders.   We could have just listened/watched on Utube to the teaching sessions, but we could not have had the discussions afterwards, which made it so much more interesting, enlightening and fulfilling. The workshops that I went to [cartoons; Hebrew; Nancy’s kitchen and of course Monica’s demo] worked very well and I enjoyed making the bowls with the salt dough [some better than others!]  and  I am trying to find Nancy Serle’s website to make sure I get the ingredients correct to experiment with her recipes. I overheard one comment just as we were leaving the conference re breakout rooms and agree that, if possible, people could be persuaded to choose their workshops in advance, it would help, but a full description would have to be available with each workshop to make this possible.   Also…..when we are actually together, it still took ages for everyone to get to their chosen group! Some more work is needed with the hearing on our various devices with the music and singing.   I have a laptop and it came over clear enough, but far too loud [and whilst I was online I could not adjust my computer], and perhaps more importantly, it was picking up the high notes too much and sounded ‘screechy’ at times.      I am sure this can be adjusted for future use and we can all enjoy what was probably beautiful singing and playing.        I am all for continuing with zoom meetings…..perhaps not daily – even in lockdown there are many other things I need to do [and people to care for in various ways], but it is good to keep in touch. Shalom, and I am praying that you and Monica can take some time to recover this week. (M. T.)

Just a few words of  ‘very well done’ to you all, especially you ‘techies’ (not to mention all the anonymous ones in the background). Many were blessed indeed, especially those alone and self-isolating at this difficult time. F13 brought the best that could be provided remotely (as far as the US!) to many a hungry soul so bereft of like-minded company. God smiles! A well deserved shalom to you. (J. d. S.)

Thank you so much for the amazing experience of being a part of Foundations 13. I had no idea what  to expect especially with everything being online! I would certainly want to come again preferably away, but at home online if necessary! I found it challenging , inspiring and emotional too! Amazingly I also believe God spoke to yesterday evening through a lesson on Premier Radio.I turned it on whilst cooking  dinner something I never normally do! I listen to it sometimes during the day. There was a guy talking about Blessed Assurance which linked in totally with something taught at the weekend and he dealt with issues that had arisen for me. There is no way it could have been a coincidence the message was definitely for me! Your team pulled off an exceptional feat pulling everyone and everything together he way they did . Thank you again Shalom (L. M.)

Congratulations and a massive ‘thank you’ for leading us on F13. The amount of work you and Monica must have put into making it so successful is a testament to your unstinting devotion to God. Blessings, (M. O.)

Hi Steve and Monica Just a note to say thank you for inviting me to the conference and for all your hard work organising it. May the Lord bless and prosper you and your ministry. Shalom (B. R.)

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for letting me join in with Foundations 13! It was a joy to be a part of it and I was hugely blessed, as were many others, evident from the testimonies yesterday. I know that an enormous amount of work went into it so thank you, for your vision and for your perseverance to make it happen. It is amazing to have enabled virtual fellowship and whilst I am sure that everyone will be praying to be reunited in person at Foundations 14, it is wonderful to have a plan B. Praying that you and Monica will be able to have a good rest this week and that you will both be hugely blessed for all you have poured into making the Foundations family a virtual reality!  (C. d. S.)

Dear Steve 

Some thoughts post F13 !

Joining with all of you can only stand in awe and wonder at the goodness  and faithfulness of God  throughout F13. OVERWHELMING. Although for me personally, being a non techie individual, it was to start with a very surreal experience and found it quite hard to adapt. However the Lord graciously, little by little won me over to the unique situation  caused by COVID 19. Although nothing can substitute the living presence and warmth of another human being it was totally amazing to see how He knit us all together,  His church/His bride in an incredible way and one was aware that even COVID19 was not going to prevent His purposes from being fulfilled. This in itself is an incredible testimony of God’s power.  NOTHING CAN STAND IN HIS WAY.  What a God we serve. Surely this must increase our faith and trust and encourage our obedience. Since the conference there has been  time to ponder on  the many blessings and positives It was very special to be able to see people’s faces as they shared rather than the backs of their heads! ( I think someone mentioned this on Saturday morning) and gave people freedom to share.  One got to ‘know ‘ people just by hearing them speak a few words which was lovely. Very special and helpful to have space during talks to listen to what the Lord might be saying whilst fresh on one’s mind and ‘in the zone’ (As with Barry’s and Chris’s talks) Especially precious to be able to repent and do work with God in the moment.   Wonderful all that followed so freely covered by God’s grace and in a place of safety with no judgement.  Quite unique experience. The dance done as a collage was incredibly moving.. so simple and yet cuts straight through to the spirit. Thank you Ginnie and Rosie.  Everyone being able to share in with the prophetic art was really uplifting and  hopefully encouraged more people to have a go. I did for the first time ever, and felt a real sense of release. Will certainly do it again at home on my own now  as a  new form of worship.  Thank you Rosie. Close ups with the teachers made it feel very personal and as though being spoken to directly by the Lord. David  S’s talk which was  so very powerful and BIG TIME challenging. Thank you for sending the transcript.  Is there any possibility of being able to “listen” again  as it loses the anointing somehow just by reading it somehow. Really touched by David A’s explanation of taking the  Name of the Lord in vain. Never heard or thought of that before. So much more weighty and challenging. Thank you.  Sharing the beginning and end(totally new experience for me) of Shabbat in a Jewish home with a Jewish family was wonderful. So natural and meaningful.  Bless you David, Kaela and Mateus. Loved all the prayers and blessings you brought from the heart. Wonderful to see the body of Christ working together in unity .. for there He commands a blessing..   and HOW HE BLESSED.  All worshiping together in so many different ways. Really blessed by the song that Dianne wrote  for F13.  They did really well for us all . So grateful to you Steve for yours and Monica’s perseverance, the incredible team of helpers and above all to the Lord for His favour and hand of approval over it all and that there is a plan B if and when needed which has His hand over it. Really pray that Sidholm  happens  in September adding in  things that have worked with F13 maybe. Every blessing.

A couple of things I omitted to mention . Monica’s salt dough presentation was terrific and put one at ease from the start of the day. Lovely the way she related the spiritual to everyday things which made it all much more meaningful and brought everything to a different level. Loved it. ( she’s a natural ) Also very blessed by Paul’s workshop on the St Remo treaty.  My only negative really was not being organised enough to be able to socialise during meal times other than  lunch on Monday  or going to chat rooms as was either at workshop or praying for people….. that was really sad, but that’s my problem I guess as others managed to do it!! Must try harder next time. Hope these comments are helpful !? (S. d. S.)

As thoughts bubble to the surface I’ll pass them on to you. Transformative is a word that could describe F13. One would really have to dig their heels in very hard not to be seriously challenged about stuff in their life that has to be changed. The zoom medium has I think enabled many to respond away from the camera in ways that they would have felt inhibited to do in the usual meeting situation. (That is those who weren’t glued to a screen and a keyboard ready to respond to whatever) 

Following on, He deals with us as individuals,  and our response has to be the same way. In a crowd situation it’s far too easy for people to follow or be repelled by the response of others, and hence the numbers of false conversions for example from mass rallies. Through use of zoom, a much more intimate environment is possible with God, allowing so many more to hear a message from His servant, yet receive and respond in a very personal way with far fewer distractions than usual, even in a very small fellowship. If I’m not careful I’ll be plugging being a hermit, which I’m not, we so much need the fellowship of touch. (C. C.)

Dear Steve and Monica:

Just want to write and thank you for all the hard work that you, and your family, obviously put into the smooth running of the conference.  I say smooth running because that is what we saw – however, we can only imagine the hours of work that had been invested in advance and what was going on “live” as the conference ran.  My thanks extend to all the leadership team and to everyone who helped in whatever way. It really was beyond my expectations, but then Foundations always is!  Roll on Foundations 14, I say. The teaching was superb, and I am hoping that we will be able to listen again to recordings.  There was so much to take in and much challenging.  The workshops were great and, as usual, it was so hard to choose.  We chose Hebrew, Sabbath, San Remo.  Another speciality of Foundations is that I always come away having tried something new – this time it was making salt dough boxes, Challah bread and Nancy and David’s sharing of their enthusiasm for fermentation.  I am definitely going to try this.The dance so beautifully selected by Ginny was such a blessing when so cleverly pulled together on the screen by David Serle.  It was so moving. I always love David and Kayla’s worship and their Hebrew prayers and singing are so very much part of the whole Foundations experience and bring something unique as we share in the Hebraic roots of our faith.  Sharing Shabbat set the scene and Havdalah as we said our goodbyes and returned reluctantly to planet earth is something we could only get at Foundations. I must also mention Chris Hill’s teaching on “The Secret Places”.  I was so blessed in those times of silence and rest and it was such timely teaching.  We are all learning things from our isolation and without the busyness which we have knowingly and unknowingly adopted as normality in our lives – this busyness can also invade our church life – and I intend to return often to the secret place with my Heavenly Father. Again, thank you all and we hope you manage to take some rest this week.  Stay safe and well. Blessings in His Name. (P. R.)

Dear Steve and Monica,

If F13 was a major hurdle of re-imagination I can only say you are the right ones to rise to that challenge!  I did feel it went along with really evident helping inputs from Team people and delegates – more integrated and less of a them-and-us feel. I have done some processing, not yet finished, and hope to send graphics, but before then want to say THANK YOU for the WHOLE CONFERENCE and that I have contacted Stewardship who confirm a raise in support monthly with GiftAid attached. The goodie box very thoughtfully prepared: Thank you, Jo Jones’s appearance was GREAT!  Valuable addition. There seemed to be a goodly number of first-timers who were evidently getting along very well with the bunch they were sharing time with. Now I will do some more processing, and finish reading Sinner’s Charter. Here’s trusting you can have a quieter week or two, and collapse whenever you may! Shalom and love (H. F.)

Hello Steve – a rather late, but nevertheless heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your kindness in opening your conference up last week, to ‘observers’, if not partakers, throughout the four days of F13.  We all learned a lot from your first experience of digital conferencing and will take that with us through the planning and delivery of our own digital conference in July.  If you have any thoughts on how your own team coped ‘behind the scenes’ with the organisation and application of the digital platform, and suggestions on what you would in hindsight change, do let us know.   Your input at this point will be invaluable. To us, it all looked to go rather well, but I know from experience that any seamless and calm production is only brought about by sheer hard work and attention to detail, so thank you again. (W. S.)

Hi Steve and team,

So glad to hear it went so well – I’ve been working as normal through the lockdown so my timings are slightly different to most other people, so couldn’t make it. But, just some encouragement, just got off the phone with one of my adult Biblical Hebrew students who joined you all online (for the first time) and was saying how blessed they were by it, how they felt the ‘family’ feel, even remotely and were blessed with both teaching and prayer. It shouldn’t be surprising how much the LORD God is purifying and strengthening His Bride through this time but it is always lovely to hear about it. Hope you all continue to be safe and well. In Yeshua (J. A. )

Dear Steve,

First of all, I do think the conference was really blessed by the Lord.  That’s the best way of putting it! …  Please continue to keep me in the loop. Thank you again for a wonderful conference. Shalom to you and Monica. (S. P.)

Dear Steve, Monica, David, Kit and David Serle (if I had his E-Mail address), I am sending this E-Mail to you to tell you that I think that you, and others not mentioned, did a fantastic job in organising and running F13!!!!! As you know, Steve, I cancelled because I thought that my age (84) and widowhood would make it impossible for me to cope and partake.  On the day, however, I decided to take “the Bull by the Horns,” and join.  I am so glad that I did so, as I appreciated every moment I managed to “attend,” although I did find it difficult to try and keep up with domestic things.  I did fall behind!  Bed making was only done upon retiring etc. and I am completely “cream crackered” now. I WILL RECOVER!!!!!! Again, thank you so much for all your efforts, I really do appreciate them!  You’ve all done a great job, it turned out better than I had thought possible and, as a benfit of using Zoom, people from other countries were able to join in – fantaaaaaastic! (M. P.)

Thanks for everything, Steve and Monica. It was brilliant. (L. H.)

I did not want to take up air time but I have have had a significant and challenging time this weekend spiritually. I believe that I will move forward in a more intimate way with Father Son and Holy Spirit. As we continue to focus on our Lord and Saviour. So really thank you all very much. And most importantly thank you Father God for sending JESUS and JESUS for your obedience to death on a cross and that you sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. So heartfelt thanks (J. C.)

Thankyou everyone for making foundations happen for the Holy Spirit   is in it all. I heard people’s  hearts expressed with such love for Jesus that has been a big encouragement to me. Sorry I cant see you as my lap top won’t do visuals.i couldn’t give a testimony this time as I can’t  see how to raise a hand!!! Thankyou. Love you foundations family. (L. H.)

Thank you both for being obedient to the Lord and going ahead with F13 online.  What a blessing it was! (A. V.)

Yes Christine – we had exact the same experience. It’s testimony to the amazing ‘reality’ of our togetherness that we were all so united in the Spirit and submission to His Word that we felt the same sense of loss when the conference ended as we normally do! F13 has re-defined ‘together’ – or at least added a new level of meaning. Certainly the Lord’s presence was as strong as we have come to expect at all our gatherings. Praise His name- and a huge thanks to our amazing techie team! (D. A.)

I was only able to dip in a bit on Friday night , Sat & Sun but really did appreciate and love  it – it was certainly most “peculiar” and I was “often at Sidmouth & occasionally in the Lake District” (forgotten names ) – it felt surreal when I tuned in too early and was told “ everyone had gone for a cup of tea!”  Im glad there is a video of the dance as I was curious about that so will watch later! It was a real treat and I thank you ALL for the hard work that must have gone into it, the coordination etc etc and about which I haven’t got a clue !! Never done it before – as for going into different rooms – well mind blowing for a tech simpleton like me  ! I think I even worked out at the end how to do an electronic hands up !! But was grateful for the WhatsApp alongside!
Bless you all and BIG THANK YOU 
Xmx (M d. E)

I wanted to let you know what a blessing F13 was to me. I have to say it was an unexpected blessing as I wasn’t looking forward to it really. I appreciated everything about it. I found it easier to be focussed being in my own home and able to be quiet and meditate on the messages more. I found it an intimate time worshipping the Lord in this new virtual way. The teaching was superb and bits of it keep coming back to me. I loved Monica’s demonstration. It had such a lot of meaning and she did it SO well. I even enjoyed inviting folks into my kitchen and found it a lot of fun, but that’s because I had David with me. I couldn’t have done it without him. I really loved the way Diane and John led us into worship with their beautiful music and singing. I don’t think the breakout rooms worked too well at meal times. Definitely not random and often very few came into them. I was SO sad to say goodbye, but VERY nice not to have a long journey and waiting for David to pack up! My only real sadness is that David didn’t enjoy the conference at all as he had SO much to focus on, keeping the technology going so smoothly. He couldn’t focus on the Lord. Very sad! When it finished he crashed out on his recliner and went into such a deep sleep that I wondered if he was dead! Thanks to all the hosting team for making it such a huge blessing. I hope you were able to enjoy it more than David. God bless  (N. S.)

Hi Steve,

I wanted to add my tuppence worth to the well-earned accolades that have followed F13. Here it is: If you’re unfamiliar with the technology of Zoom then please bear with me while I enthuse about the first ever online foundations conference. This was number 13; the eighth in which Agnes and I have participated. The technology is amazing but it’s not the reason for my enthusiasm. What amazed me was how our God is able to make everything serve his purpose for the Church. We witnessed an unexpected fusion of technology and authentic Christian spirituality. ‘Fusion’ of course is the right word to describe a truly Hebraic experience. Theology is a sterile pursuit until it has ‘skin on.’ God reveals himself with the intention that all of life for us becomes theological: “…whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) Imagine an art class where the goal is not to produce a masterpiece but to meet the Master; to encounter God through art. Imagine a craft class were making salt dough transports our thoughts back to the creation of the first man. In both cases, participants were scattered the length and breadth of the UK and even across the Atlantic. Meeting on Zoom added a whole new level of meaning to the word ‘together’. It may seem improbable that believers so widely scattered could enjoy deep and genuine fellowship but the proof of this reality was the ‘sweet sorrow’ we all experienced when it was time to say cheerio after four days together – the same feeling we normally have when we have been literally together. We discovered that when believers are one in heart, mind and spirit seeking God, enjoying worship, gathered under the authority of his Word, praying with fervent agreement and free in the spirit to respond to God’s impact on our minds, that it is possible to meet without meeting! Zoom technology made it possible for us, in spite of lockdown and isolation, to ‘get out more’, meet with friends and seek the Lord together. We missed the hugs, but not the love or the truth – and not the Lord! Thank you Steve and Monica for running with the vision and thanks to David Serle and our marvellous backroom team (wish I could name them all) for safely transporting us through the ether! All glory to Our Great God! (D. A.)

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for inviting me last weekend, only sorry that I could not be more present.  I was intending to be there on Sunday but I had four other zooms, our morning service, our evening prayer event (which kicks off our quarterly week of prayer and fasting), and two pastoral zooms (yes they can be done!) in the afternoon. Sounds like the weekend went very well, and I certainly was blessed by the elements that I did manage to attend.  You all did a wonderful job with the technology, and all the participants I saw adapted well.  It is certainly bringing a paradigm shift in ‘church’, almost like the shift to open air preaching during the evangelical revival through Wesley. Whitefield, etc. Speak soon Blessings (B. G.)

F 13 Testimony from Monday morning 27th April. (2nd Edit) During the dance presentation, I was deeply moved. Tears flowed. I wasn’t really aware why. When it had finished playing, Rosie encouraged us to join in, as the video was re-played. As I started to join in, I felt a huge wave of shame crush me. A bit of background might be helpful. I had recently become aware that for most of my life I had been living with shame from bullying, parental expectation, and boarding school pain. I have spent many years in The Word of God asking The Lord to help me get my life into godly order, straightening things that had got twisted, and rooting out things that had no place, but in the last few years, I had been praying with a couple of brothers about a strange inability I had to be able to consider that I was worthy of caring about myself. I cared deeply for others, and much of the focus of my life was on that, but I didn’t seem to be able to care for myself. I felt it was pointless. I also felt that I was always going to be a failure and a disappointment. I ended up in Psychotherapy, and after months of sessions, It was becoming clear that the central issue was a crushing burden of shame. But with all the professional skills of the therapist, we couldn’t make any headway. We had tried in several successive sessions to shift it with no success. Back to the conference, here it was again, shame intruding with terrible force when it couldn’t have been further from my mind, quite the opposite: I was choosing to take my eyes off myself and serve the body of Christ, and at this point, praise God with my whole heart and body. I grabbed for the mouse to switch off my video, and collapsed on my desk. I sobbed uncontrollably, and cried out to God asking Him to show me what was going on. And I felt in my heart that God was saying to me that as of that moment, my huge burden of shame was gone. It was really dealt with. I could finally receive the truth of what The Word of God says about shame deeply into my soul. Whoever believes in Jesus shall not be ashamed; The Lord God will help me, so I won’t be confounded: I can know that in God I won’t be ashamed. When I re-watched the dance song, I realised the words when all this was happening were: “May The Lord protect you from shame”. I felt in my heart God say a little more: that my shame was gone; now is the time to deal with my sin. This came with conviction and relief. Here was more familiar ground: I know what conviction of sin is, and have been through it many times with The Lord. I know it is one of the most beautiful gifts that the Lord can give any person: an awareness of what is blocking our fellowship with Him. The Word of God has a lot to say about conviction, and much of it I have lived, wept, written and preached about; so this felt like a glorious liberation to be set free from shame into conviction of the guilt of my sin. And now with the burden of shame gone, I can sing with even greater conviction and joy from Psalm 3:3 “But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter of my head.”  (anon)

Hi Steve and Monica, Thanks for your email and attachments. As we have had the chance to think back to the conference we remain amazed how God pulled it off (with the help of yourselves and your team of course). I suppose we should never be surprised at what God can do, but then again, we are only mere human beings. Di and I found it a real blessing, and like so many others who have been self-isolated for a few weeks, it was encouraging, uplifting, and full of great spiritual content. We thank you for all the effort that was put into the project and assure you, from our point of view, it was a resounding success. We believe that if it is necessary to do the October conference online, there will be many more who will want to sign up to it. Being the first one, we are sure that there were people who were a little more reserved than perhaps they normally would be, but that come October, they will be much more open. I cite Di’s example of having a word on Saturday night which she was afraid to give at the testimony time. The word she received was ‘lay aside all things’ and wasn’t sure of it’s meaning or whether it was for her alone or the conference as a whole. I think perhaps in October she won’t hesitate. So, thank you for all that went into the conference, the teaching was excellent, the fellowship was inspiring, and the worship was thoughtful and anointed. Please extend our thanks to your core team and the many helpers you organised (including your sons). We look forward to Foundations 14 wherever it may take place. (D. D.)

es; thank you, Lord, for the vision you gave Steve & Monica; it’s wonderful to see that vision coming to fruition and that we are part of it. I thank God for everyone here and the sweet fellowship we’ve enjoyed. (S. R.)

I don’t have the words – amazed-delighted-humbled THANKYOU SO MUCH (B. W.)

I have been blessed beyond measure by this wonderful virtual Conference, and I speak as one who doubted that it would ever work, as Steve will vouch. (S. R.)

(Private letter to Monica explaining how salt dough exercise taught her so much about the true meaning of worship) (J. S.)

Hi Steve Firstly, a big thank you to all who arranged the Foundations 13 Conference and who worked so hard to make it a reality. As many have already said, it went so much better than we expected and we feel very blessed to have been part of it all. Debbie and I have been involved in several Zoom link-ups since, but are still looking wistfully at the laptop and wondering if we try to “Join the Meeting” again we might find you all still there! We think the only thing that did not work for us was the music / singing. That’s no reflection on those who participated but we’re not sure that individuals / couples singing remotely contribute to an activity that is meant to be corporate. Maybe there are technical minds out there who can find a way around that. We are experiencing similar problems with our own “live” church services; our son is a professional musician and sings and plays for us but it’s still difficult to be “involved.” We want to thank you for the spiritual blessing that the Conferences have given us. We both have busy professional lives as well as leading a church. What has been so refreshing is that we rebelled against “Hellenism” years ago but were not entirely sure if there was a viable alternative, so it has been very encouraging to discover “Hebraic Church” to be so similar to what we were already doing! Add in a renewed vision for teaching and understanding the Hebraic roots of the Word of God and, as you have shown us, we have a recipe for something very special. We held a Yeshiva day in February on Law and Grace and were amazed at how what was once a dry subject, became exciting and so relevant. (Have you ever tried re-writing Galatians, putting on a Tallit and delivering the letter with some of the passion that Paul must have felt? Chris Hill would be good at that!) So, yes it is so good to sit back and be renewed, however, having been to Conference now on a number of occasions, we would love to contribute more. If there are ways we can support what you are doing please let us know.  God bless you and Monica. Shalom. (G and D)

Thanks Steve and Monica – I have really had my bucket filled up through Foundations and that was without being seen! ‘Distinctive so we can shine!’ is one phrase that comes to mind. Blessings of refreshment’ (L. H.)

Dear Steve and Monica, many thanks once again for giving us a wonderful time along with your Godly helpers. May God continue to bless you both and your family. With love in Jesus (R. G.)

Just a very quick note to say ‘thank you’ to you and everyone involved in making the Foundations 13 experience such an amazing and awesome blessing. I pray that you all know that you did something really special for our Lord’s kingdom and are aware of His great pleasure. Please take time out for recuperation now. All the best to you, Monica and your family (B. W.)