Foundations 11: reviews

Simply to say thank you to you and all the team for facilitating and creating space for us to ‘be’. It was liberating to be able to float from painting to dancing to singing to studying to being lifted up by preaching and challenged by the teaching. From chatting over a meal to prayer, prophecy, walking round the beautiful lakes and listening quietly. I was free to be me;not stuck in a role or hemmed in tightly by man’s control. In the freedom I felt to follow where He led, it was always so different and it could be said that variety is embodied in the one new man reflecting our creator who never controls or puts us in a box labelled this is my role. To know who we are instead of a what ,our identity’s sealed by the blood of the lamb. Da dah. It turned into rhyme- how sublime-til next time ?!!!EmojiEmojiEmoji DC

thank you for organising a rare and precious time on the One New Man. I pray the whole team rest well. I connected with many very sweet hearted people. JC

First, let me tell you that I thought that F11 was probably the best so far!  A credit to all the hard work you both do in organising everything! MP

Firstly a very big thank you for hosting the weekend just passed.  It was for the three of us not only a time of great blessing but also a clarion call in direction and we believe, a time in which we can minister into some of the now understood barriers that prevent the NEW MAN from being merely a theological albeit real entity, but might be part of the PRACTICAL lifestyle that will break down the obvious barriers between Jews and Gentiles in the Kingdom of God as we perceive them.JB

Loved the Swanwick convention, and loved meeting up with the people again.  PB

Astonishingly powerful teaching, direct from the Lord. Very humbling and real. Bless you! WHo knows what fruit this will bear?! SP

I really enjoyed this. Helping me to move forward in the way of the new creation SD

What a warm all-encompassing welcome I received at F11! I knew immediately I was among friends old and new, a family. The Divine connections & interconnections I found were amazing! Through being at F11 I established a deeper intimacy with Father and a deeper knowledge of the Lord. I was also able to enter into a far greater freedom in worship. PTL!!!!!!! SR

Thank you for your committment to God, His Word and One New Man.JP

Thank you very very much for EVERYTHING JC

Friendliness of delegates, team and hotel staff. Foundations itself seems to be growing in the Lord – wonderful!! LG

Very friendly and caring for one another. Excellent teaching and freedom in the worship JN

Keep it up, all of you. This is the key to the waking up of the Church – or it is the new true church emerging ANON