Foundations 10: reviews

This was my first Foundations gathering.  I found  there the kind of Christian fellowship I have waited  my whole life for!  There was so much love  and  encouragement which helped me to be set free to really be my redeemed self and express myself in worship with total abandon. I found a true Christian family. Everyone I spoke to was happy to share their life with me and talk about the Lord.  The worship was Holy Spirit led and anointed and truly from the heart. The teaching was anointed , prophetic and brought the Bible alive to me in a new way.  What a blessing to learn more about our Hebraic roots. The well stocked book tables provided a wealth of resources to guide us in our Christian life. Lovely to see families with beautiful very well behaved children and a real highlight was when the family of 6 children sang their song Children are a Blessing from the Lord, and then exited the hall upstairs like The Sound of Music ! Loved the early prayer meetings and other times when I was able to take part as the Holy Spirit prompted me. The days flew by much too quickly and I really pray I may be able to  go to Foundations again next year. I hope to become part of the SaltShakers Community  and look forward to Sword  magazine from time to time. RC

F10  was sooo special. . Totally  God centered  and has developed into a safe place with God’s heart for   restoration and family at the centre of everything. Solid biblical  teaching from the Word’   by godly,  upright men discipling  and nourishes the flock.I loved the way the team functioned alongside the delegates increasing the sense of family.  For me it was exactly what I feel called to be involved with…. function! !! To be honest it was a complete privilege to be part of it and thank you with all my heart. It is somewhat  overwhelming to be serving the body of  Christ with you all . God never ceases to surprise . Wonderful  to see people change and grow which happens, i believe,   through acceptance combined with spirit to spirit teaching.  There is such a need out there for  a conference that offers the ‘whole package’  of what the  body of Christ needs for these dark  days we live in.  David & Keila’s ‘Into the Lion’s Den ‘ was incredible and guess that for everyone it will be a lasting memory, especially as it was so powerfully interpreted by the Foundations dance group.  A special gift for you Steve which was so apt. Ginnie  Rosie and Emma  are a blessing beyond words and such  a provision from the Lord having such maturity and sensitivity. Not to mention of course the Von Stevens family.    Everything held together so naturally.  SdS

We had a very blessed time and have been hugely encouraged by the love, care and faithfulness of our dear Foundations Family in uplifting us to the throne of grace in our present predicament. We continue to WAIT; for that is the Word that keeps coming to us.  We are believing for a mighty miracle. I hope to provide a testimony once I can get my head around what exactly happened at F10.  It seems that God does something new and unique at each Foundations gathering and this time FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM seem to me to be the key elements of God’s working in and through us. Glory be to His Holy Name! BS

Just to say a big thank you for all your considerable efforts in organising, carrying through and packing up afterwards, for the Foundation 10 week MP

It was an interesting, powerful and challenging conference for us. DM

I also was impressed by your obvious love for the “family” in that I watched you both interacting with Amy and Barry’s wonderful brood! Although, a Gentile myself, my children often refer to me as a “Jewish Muma” so felt a kindred spirit. As far as the content of the conference was concerned, I came home with much fodder for the way forward, and in particular (apart from yourselves although you remained much in the background) I found Paul Luckcraft’s contribution amazing and our little ‘kehilat’ will endeavour to get together on Thurs evenings to tune into his teaching.  Of course, Chris Hill’s talk was  deemed to be great all round, and we are blessed to have been friends with him and Lindy for the past +/- 40 years. VK

Great ‘conference!’  Thank you so much.  I feel I am finding something like we had in the early days of the charismatic movement but then lost. Perhaps call it Biblical church? JG

I was so definitely affirmed by the solidarity of believers,accurate and relavent teaching on several topics not covered by mainstream church or media,wonderful joyful noise everywhere… However, engaging with so many spirit filled ,ordinary sinners like my self who love the Lord was encouraging and very real .I wait for those close to me comment on any difference they see in me,they may have to wait a long time but like gold being refined ,purification is a precise ,precious process.I also saw warm freshly pressed golden olive oil pouring over my head and this was a continuous and never ending flow.I also ask the Lord to streghthen my witness to others and for more opportunities to share The Hope of Our Salvation.Shalom and blessings,OQ

Thank you for all the work you do organising Foundations conferences. We did enjoy our time in Sidmouth.KF

May I say what a wonderful conference it was and I look forward to Foundations 11. I didn’t complete the Assessment so I can send you my comments online through here if you wish .. I have to say that Foundations is becoming my second church as we don’t have the Hebraic teaching that you and others promote.  AD

F10 was a wonderful experience and proved to me that God has a role for everyone, if only they are given the freedom to express His gift to them. MO

I ‘ve loved this conference – not a conference I know – but I’ve loved the family feel of being with lots of people I already know from previous times. I’ve really enjoyed the children. It really has been ‘family’. Thank you so much RB

Thank you, thank you, thank you! KS

I see this gathering as part of His extensive Plan, as a facilitating and preparational focus, moving about the country. You saw this years ago & I am glad you have persisted with Foundations ANON

Loved being with God’s family ANON

You have really achieved something special here, which is satisfying and a definite need. Please son’t lose that unique quality which is precious and God given. Tend, nurture and protect the content of Foundations and please don’t let it get so big that that special something is diluted PR

I wanted it to go on forever – a taste of things to come! BW

One of the best conferences I have attended in 36 years. JP

Keep going – the remnant needs strengthening & encouragement ANON

All the leaders are very approachable, easy to speak to, they are true servants of Jesus!Great role models of a brilliant conference ANON