Our London Foundations day

We had a great time a couple of weekends ago and I would like to thank Sally for making it possible and for the great contributions from David & Keila, Paul and David Miller. Here’s a short report from Sally Richardson, the organiser:

Dear friends,

Last Saturday saw our very first Foundations Day with Steve Maltz and the Saltshakers Team; what a wonderful occasion it was!

Here are a couple of the many favourable comments I received:

“It was a great meeting. I found it both challenging and thought-provoking. Steve’s account of Cultural Marxism was so helpful. I now have a far clearer understanding of how our current culture of political correctness and victimhood has developed and impacted society and the huge repercussions it has brought on us all. I was stirred by how important it is to be ready and prepared in these challenging days to answer difficult questions, and how we need to seek the Lord for wisdom and discernment in doing this. With this in mind, I am now going to do a Bible study on how Jesus responded to the many questions He was asked.
What a blessing the Messianic dancing was, too, and, as always, a great time of fellowship.”


“It was refreshingly different and I enjoyed the practical aspects of the teaching. I enjoyed the messianic praise and worship and the Messianic Dance Workshop, which brought us all closer together as a fellowship of believers.”