Hebraic Church in Wales with 120 teenagers!

Yes, this is true. You would expect a culture shock, trying to fit a model that has only been tested with a group of middle-class 60-somethings, into a whole new ball-park – a group of 120 teenagers, as well as infants, juniors and youth leaders and pastors from the black-majority Redeemed Church of God (the fastest growing Church in the UK, I believe)

The model, which we are now calling “freedom in the spirit”, is flexible enough to be tweaked and implemented in a variety of environments and circumstances, it seems. Monica and I were invited to conduct our “experiment” last Tuesday, helped by David Serle and a small dance team lead by Ginnie White. They didn’t know what to expect – neither did we! They divided the kids into six groups of twenty, each led by a youth leader, which ensured that everyone was able to experience each of the six stations – dance, crafts, bible reading, discussions, confession/quiet room and drama. Most of it was outside and the sun shone throughout the day.

It was a wonderful success, they have never seen anything like it. Many testimonies came from their experience, from the helpers as well as the kids. To see the engagement in the crafts (five tables of it, all manned by my incredible wife), the power of young voices reading scripture in the garden, the queues of kids confessing sins and making fresh commitment to God, the sheer abandonment in the dance. It was so moving. We have been booked for next year.

Does your church/fellowship want to experience “freedom in the Spirit”? Either book up for one of our conferences, or contact me for a special weekend at your own church.

Many blessings

Steve Maltz