Foundations 14: reviews

  1. Foundations 14 was incredible.  I have come to expect so much from Saltshakers and the team surpassed themselves. Contributions from everyone were remarkable.  The humility and vulnerability expressed in contributions from Paul and Nigel set the tone for some truly remarkable testimonies and witness.  Ditto Barry and always sensitive.  David Andrew’s pastoral gifts and immense wisdom and common sense – ditto Ginny, God bless her.  David Serle, calm and a safe pair of hands, sharp mind too, Christine the rock and Steve the leader of the orchestra, baton flying.  The prayer team, the worship, the creative arts and much more, no wonder I felt shattered after a week.  How the team felt I can only imagine.  AND TEAM THEY WERE – we could sense that even on zoom. On a personal note, the Lord has started to open up the secret places – there’s more to come but the most important thing I left with,  having listened to such amazing teaching, testimonies and discussion was that I have spent time in the presence of bible believing committed followers and lovers of Jesus who allow the Lord to direct and guide their very lives, who measure life’s decisions, large and small by His Word.  So, thank you all and after your short and much needed “week off” I am so looking forward to getting back to our meetings. God bless you.
  2. Hi Steve and gang! Just to say thank you for a very interesting and thought-provoking zoom conference.  Not only did we enjoy it but learnt things about ourselves, obviously buried!!!  Only managed 2 and a bit days but amazed ourselves by sitting so long in front of the computer!!!! Your team obviously worked very hard and it showed in its professionalism. One sentence that really spoke to me and really blessed me was “I am a gift from the Father to Jesus”.  How precious. Thank you. Thanks again. Love and blessings,
  3. Hi Steve, I’ve been tremendously blessed all week by the conference I honestly can’t put into words how the Lord has moved in my life. 
  4. Hi Steve and what an extraordinary time F14 was and I have to eat my hat… can’t decide which one yet because the zoom experience was far beyond my expectation! Thanks to you and team plus the Holy Spirit overall of it. I see F14 as a series of RARE shining jewels of  vulnerability, humility,reality,unity in Jesus the vine bringing God’s Spirit searching into the secret places and shining Himself to restore and release to walk into freedom. This is my testimony and already I have seen changes in my life due to exactly the above.
  5. So well done Steve yet again. Well done for sticking with the vision God gave you, for paddling like mad under the water to make everything above seem so seamless, and for your endless hard work in bringing foundations to pass and blessing so many along the way.
  6. A very good morning to you young sir , Not sure when you will be functioning correctly enough to open this and read it but I chose to email as it would have taken far too long on the final morning of F14. I entered F14 with a mindset that I was entering an endurance test , I was so unsure how the conference would work out for me , … However ,as the week progressed my dismay slowly subsided and I personally felt more comfortable as the week progressed,  I can say that personally   , I feel I’ve been stretched by God ,in a very good way , and he has helped me to see that with Him I can do more than I initially thought. By the end of the conference I really felt an affinity with the people , rather akin to how I am with the Shma family ,and now I feel my family has been extended to include the Foundations people. 
  7. Dear Steve, Here is my Foundations 14 testimony; see: Foundations 14 – What it has been for me F – Feast of the Word – a veritable banquet O – Obedience – I’ve learnt to become more obedient to His Word and to His leading U – Uncovering and revealing and bringing into the light those things I’ve kept hidden N – Nestling – in His love D – Delighting – in Him, in His Word, in His love, and in one another A – Access – to healing and release as I’ve begun to open up to Him and to my brothers and sisters T – Truth and love in perfect balance; inseparable I – Intimacy – with the Lord and one another O – Oil – of the Spirit. My horn has been anointed with fresh oil – Psalm 92:10 N – Name – His Name being exalted throughout the Conference S – Singing – from the heart and led by the Spirit 14 reasons for me to thank God for Foundations 14 1. Foundations is a family 2. Foundations is a place of safety 3. Foundations is somewhere where I can be real with others without fear of condemnation 4. Foundations enables me to explore what worship really is. 5. Foundations is an open door into His Presence 6. Foundations is an open gate into a garden of delights, full of sweet perfume 7. Foundations is a place of repentance, reconciliation and restoration 8. Foundations is a place of mutual support and encouragement 9. Foundations is somewhere where I can experience His comfort and so be enabled to comfort others 10. At Foundations, I meet friends old and new 11. Foundations is a place of variety; I’m always learning new and exciting things as I sit at His feet 12. Foundations is somewhere I am encouraged to dig into the Word for myself 13. Foundations has a wealth of excellent Bible teaching and Godly teachers, all fully submitted to Him and working in tandem 14. At Foundations, I am helped to discover and use my gifts and talents.
  8. Hi Steve and what an extraordinary time F14 was and I have to eat my hat… can’t decide which one yet because the zoom experience was far beyond my expectation! Thanks to you and team plus the Holy Spirit overall of it.
  9. Dear Steve My husband and I joined you for Foundations 14 and, for us, it was a life-changing experience. We thank you all so much for your openness and your humility …. there was so much freedom! 
  10. I just wanted to share with you the great benefits I, and am sure that many others too, have gained from all the wonderful teaching given during this recent conference. Not only was the conference a precious gathering of isolated believers like me, which was so glorious and uplifting but I have already put into practice what I learnt. There was possible trouble brewing between a church leader and myself but it was averted by me doing what we were taught so diligently during the conference. Instead of receiving the offence , I began to pray for and bless our brother and immediately, I gained back peace. It took the whole heat out of the situation. So , many , many thanks to all of you who worked so hard and exhaustingly and may you all be constantly be blessed in our wonderful Messiah.