Foundations 9: Testimonies

What joy! What blessing! What challenge! It’s a shame that there wasn’t a delegate from every church in this nation at Foundations 9 to see what God might intend His church to be! We had challenging teaching straight from the heart of God, healings, lives changed, fears conquered, sins confessed, wonderful fellowship, spirit filled worship and a great deal of fun! Praise the LORD for His goodness and mercy. Foundations is a gathering where we are challenged and encouraged to get out of our comfort zone in a variety of ways. It’s in this place of “discomfort” where we learn to let go and place our trust in the living LORD Jesus and the blessing flows. It was a joy to once again take part in the dance / drama – this time being thrown into the fiery furnace. Every time I take part in the dancing, fears are stripped away! Praise the LORD! This was a conference for such a time as this. Who will forget that dangerous prayer, that we were all challenged to pray – LORD, whatever it takes, make me like Jesus. A simple prayer, but profound in its consequences should we be able to pray it without reservation. Thank you Steve, Monica, Jose, Sarah, David, Agnes, David, Nancy, Chris, David, Keilah, Paul, Paul, Peter, Ginnie, Rosie, Christine, Lynn, Simon, Colin, Adam, Joshua, Linda, Nancy for your servant-hearted ministry and for making Foundations a challenging and blessed joy! May the LORD Jesus Christ get all the glory, honour and praise due His holy Name! (Barry)

In truth I praise God and thank him for ALL the wonderful new friends, conversations, ideas, challenges and resources I have encountered this week. It has been a wonderful gift from The Lord to me at a time when I have really appreciated each one. (Nigel)

Thank you so much for all your hard work and preparation that went into f9. It was a wonderful conference with so much excellent teaching, fellowship, food and fun! I do hope you both managed to get some rest since getting home. Jo loved the week too and is very grateful that I invited her and is talking about lending me her car so we can drive to the one in October! (Kim)

Our feet have not touched the ground since returning home (Muriel and Eric)

My overall ‘blessingometer’ was a highpoint at Friday morning’s testimonies and the sharing of deeply personal experiences. However I was very blessed too by the ease of communication and the teaching. Excellent (Anita)

The conference tended to strip everything I knew as a Christian to make room for new things and reinforced old things. There were a lot of thought-provoking discussions and interaction in the sessions I attended and I feel blessed by it all! (S)

The fellowship – better than I have had for years (Jo)

Enjoyed teaching, yeshivas and good deep Christian fellowship (Sue)

The welcome friendliness of the people, especially as it was my first time. Having approachable leaders was excellent … keep up the good work for the Kingdom. I thought the children were a huge bonus!  (Robert)

Friendly nature and Jesus centred. The appositeness of the title to present day circumstances – definitely the most enlightening and encouraging conference to date (Roger)

My accommodation, family feel, getting to know people, leaders and teaching workshops and music. Thank you (anon)

Brilliant teaching and just the right amount. Love the yeshivas. Wonderful Hebraic worship and welcomed to join in. Well done!! So informative, delivered with good humour, sensitively led. Best conference I’ve been on to date (Sue)

Affordability, relaxed messy atmosphere (craft & toys everywhere) yet orderly and good timing and no high-octane pressure in talks (Lynn)

Foundations appears to be fulfilling an increasingly urgent function (Chris)

Excellent teaching sessions and questions/answers afterwards (Mary)

I loved the way leadership operated. They were both supportive of one another but recognised the diversity of their gifts, all because, I think, they are secure in their own identities. They were also gracious and desirous to share. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge and would thank you all for your many kindnesses (Pat)

Everyone was on message – a God co-ordinated thing as well as planned. This year was a very important one in terms of the message. (Simon)

Relevance of the teaching to the state of the Church. Encouragement for action (John)

The practical solid teaching. Meeting new people. Awesome worship. (Annie)

Very well organised, variety of options, networking opportunities, freedom in worship. Thank you very much – very good conference (Marion)

Knowing there are others who are v. v. concerned about the way the country is going. Inspiring time to grasp challenges and giving me words to help. (Susan)