A life changed at Foundations 7

How truly exceptional Foundations 7 was!  I have not been to any of the previous Foundations conferences but for me Foundations 7 was quite literally the best Christian conference that I have ever attended.  And I am not prone to exaggeration – knowing full well that exaggeration is a form of lies.

One of the greatest things about the conference was the FREEDOM.  Freedom in worship; freedom to dance, freedom to preach, freedom to sing, freedom to pray, freedom to draw, freedom to be quiet, freedom to read, freedom to argue (yeshiva!), freedom to love, freedom in fellowship. 

And for me the Lord has used this conference to spill this freedom over into my every day walk with Him.  At my place of work during my daily times of morning prayer with a dear brother and colleague I have found myself freely singing to the Lord with no fear of what my colleague might think.  I have often struggled in the past with the fear of man (and still do!) but Foundations 7 has certainly helped to make a step change in the right direction.  The freedom has also spilled over into my family life and during worship at my local church.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Father for Foundations 7 and thank you Steve, Monica and team for your hard work, dedication and commitment to this vision!  I am looking forward to the Foundations weekend regional Devon conference in December and the full conference in April next year Lord willing.  I would be very happy to help José in any way I can with the Devon conference because I am right behind this vision!