Foundations 2: testimonies

“The Spirit of God was so evident in the people during times of fellowship and during the teaching and more formal moments.  A deep and lasting work of the Spirit was achieved in people’s lives as they opened up to God in their different ways. Do we want Christianity to continue on in this nation in the stagnant state of the past fifty years or so, or do we want to see change?  Often revival is put across as a state of frenzy almost.  Sing for hours, loud music, dancing the charismatic hop until you reach exhaustion, prayer for miracles, prayer for healing of the sick, casting out demons, those kinds of things.  In my heart and mind I am wondering if in fact God is going to do – indeed is doing something quite different.  Is change going to come from a completely different direction than the famous preacher, the charismatic leader that travels the world preaching and teaching and so forth, and all the other things mentions above? Change came to our world through a people in years gone by, and then through a Person.  The people were the Hebrews, the Jews.  The Person was Jesus/Yeshua, the Jew; the Messiah … Those heading up the Foundations Conference are a Jewish family, a Messianic Jewish family … The family, the team that supports them are a blessing to be with, and I wonder, I just wonder and sense that God is doing the most precious thing through these people and the work of the conferences they organise, for us to grow and know more of God. One man at this year’s conference said to me, “You talk to strangers, people you have never met before, and it is like talking to someone you have known for years.” If you want things to change in this nation, consider attending next year’s conference.”

“Just wanted to say a GREAT BIG thanks you both for a brilliant conference! You have all worked SO hard to give us all a wonderful feast of knowledge and information and so much more! It was so full of variety and thought-provoking stuff! What wonderful value for money!! Bless you both”

“Great job with the conference, really great job.  Hope you know how good it was and that you’re feeling encouraged.”

“…the very important pioneering role that has been made to getting the conference off the ground in the first place. What I liked most was the opportunity to meet with like minded people and especially their desire to impart what they had learned to others.  Learning about the other ministries was also helpful and inspiring … overall I was really encouraged by the desire to put into practice what we have learned through reaching out to the Christian constituency as well as finding the right opportunities for advocacy alongside the wider Jewish community.”

“Thank you so much for the great conference ….& the ‘team’ too. Hope you’re all recovering well. Very good:- teaching, organisation & opportunity to network (some ‘divine connections’ maybe?). Jo’s worship workshop was excellent & the twins worship too. Lovely to hear peoples testimonies. A good venue & nice food. For ‘single’ me, a blessing to be with people during Succot, & the procession was lovely.”

“This is just to say todah rabah with many blessings.  I have been blessed at the event, the team effort behind the scenes.   I am humbled by all the efforts put into the conference and I guess we all have work to do.”

“What an amazing week. There surely must be rejoicing in heaven. Thank you so much for all your hard work and vision.”  

“A big THANK YOU for all your efforts, hopefully completed now!  You did really well.  Looking back, it was all worthwhile for us.”

“A brief note to thank you for all you did organizing the conference. We really enjoyed it….especially, Steve’s teaching sessions. We also enjoyed meeting your father in the small group sessions, and we were delighted to hear him say he had enjoyed the week too. we will continue to pray for him.”

“I would like to say a big thankyou to Steve & Monica and Philip and also to Ray Thurley for all your hard work and servant hearts

“Thank you very much. Be very blessed. Very good conference”

“All in all I am very aware of the heroic efforts of a small team to get this conference off the ground. I feel the results will roll out for quite some time and God will use it in many ways”

“Very informative on the feasts of Israel, so conference achieved its aim … will be helpful reporting back to our fellowship”

“Brilliant. What a good job you’ve done, Steve & Monica. Such variety and something for everyone. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry”

“Thanks for all you did. It was appreciated”

“There seemed to be a real effort to make the week a success for all with everyone on the team working hard to achieve this. We think the team achieved this objective”

“On the whole I enjoyed the conference. It was good to be with like-minded people and encouraging to see different age groups attending”

“Thank you Steve, Monica and team for a wonderful time of drawing closer to the Lord. The Lord bless you and keep you”

“You are doing a wonderful work in a wonderful way. God has raised you and your ministry for such a time … It is my belief that you are preparing us to face tough times …”

“As said at the first conference, one feels God is doing something very special and eternal through your work and conference”

“I want to express my deep appreciation of all that the very small team have done to produce such an excellent conference. Steve and Monica especially for your kindness – thank you all those who worked so hard. Showed real care and a servant spirit”

“Thanks you Monica and Steve and team for your hard work providing such a wonderful week. It was a real privilege to meet you and your family and to be truly ‘church’”

“I shall never forget your untiring service and work to enable God’s people to learn, hear and see so much in a short time – all bathed in an atmosphere of love. Inspiring!”

“We appreciated all the hard work of Steve, Monica and the team”

“Brilliant time. Thank you for all your hard work”

“Brilliant. This has the potential to become a major Christian festival restoring the church to its Hebraic roots. To get well over one hundred people to a mid-week conference during term-time demonstrates a real hunger among many people to rediscover their Christian heritage.”

“Dear Monica and Steve,  a very big thank-you for the conference.  It has given me even more encouragement  to stand up for Judaeo-Christian values.  I found Chris Hill’s exposition very good indeed.”